Dear LJ:

18/5/09 17:48
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A significant uptick in Russian spam-bots friending me, just as I'm in my starry-eyed honeymoon phase with Dreamwidth's interface could be described as "unfortunate timing".

No love,

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Emphasis on PUBLIC.

I have no opinion on the current LJ Kerfuffle, except to say that I'm not leaving LJ over it. I'm also not changing my blogging habits, except that if I *do* write a sequel to my PotC:DMC tentacle porn, you may have to go elsewhere to read it.

I have way too much else on my plate right now to get fired up over this. If that makes me a bad LJ-er, so be it.
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Yep -- pretty much lost an afternoon and evening to reading the Penguin and restoring relevent scene snippets for the proposed NaNo project.

The proposed NaNo project that I'm beginning to realize there is no way in HELL I'm going to be able to wait thirty days to start. Not and stay sane. *g* It's been three years since I've worked seriously with these characters -- I'm practically drowning in the literary NRE.

Today absolutely must be devoted to more practical pursuits. Dad has a podiatrist appointment this morning -- Robin has a dentist appointment this afternoon. Laundry to do, bathroom to clean, catbox to scoop, deposits to make, bills to pay...all the critical stuff that keeps this place running.


Nonono -- not going back to bed. Not even as a lark. Did that yesterday, and ended up shooting most of the morning in the proverbial foot. *slaps face*

Aw crap -- also wanted to acknowledge [ profile] beeber2's birthday in the old LJ yesterday. Happy birthday, [ profile] beeber2!

Wonder if the podiatrist's office has wireless I can crib off of? The amount of time I spend in the waiting room would be good for catching up on the BSG webisodes (is it Friday yet? Is it? Huh?).

Wank continues apace in [ profile] lj_biz regarding sponsored communities/forums. Much apologizing and acknowledging of wankitude going on -- we're still waiting for them to address the fandom concerns. I don't often take moral high ground positions -- and while the idea of being whored out like a corporate commodity is admittedly gross, as long as they let me keep it out of my LJ experience, I'll most likely stick around.

However, if the fic and icon experience is compromised (and admittedly I can't imagine under the current situation where it wouldn't be) -- then my LJ enjoyment *is* compromised.

And ultimately, it *is* all about me, no? :)

Coffee. Must have coffee. And make bed.

Not necessarily in that order.
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I'm sure most of you guys have seen this already, but if you haven't had a chance to weigh in (assuming you care), this is the latest Great! New! Feature! being touted over at [ profile] lj_biz:

My corprit sponsorship iz pasted on YAY!

The thread I highlighted is particularly illuminating (and not too long a read if you don't want to slog through 1500 or so comments). It spirals off a comment made by someone purporting to be the head of advertising for Six Apart, and is where I chose to dump my insignificant two cents.

What really makes this particular move noteworthy in my opinion, and why I was finally prompted to say something even though Six Apart has been inching in this direction ever since they took over -- is the condescension of the announcement. Somehow, apparently in today's corporate America we're supposed to ignore getting our will completely ignored if they put enough EXCLAMATION POINTS in it! We're supposed to get excited about stuff that we never asked for and that is completely against why we came to LJ in the first place.

All this new useless crap opening the door even further to us becoming another Myspace clone, and we still can't get the ability to edit our comments. *facepalm*

Be aware that if the condescension in the original announcement doesn't get you, the clarification will probably do it. If not, the "get real people" attitude of the ad-lady will finish you off. Don't worry.

Now, am I planning on leaving LJ?

No. That's the sad thing -- most likely not. Things will have to push a lot closer to Myspace territory before I really start to feel like the damn kids are pushing me out of my home.

Doesn't mean I have to like what's happening though.

Or keep silent about it either.
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First of all: *glomps f-list*

Seriously -- you guys are the best! Thank you *so* much for the support and insight. Thank you those who called to check on me as well as those who commented.

I'm okay. Really. Not only because of you guys, but because none of what happened yesterday has any bearing on reality. He's the one sibling I have who hasn't bothered to ask, call or check up and find out what's really going on -- how can I possibly take his opinion of things seriously?

Was I indiscreet in what I said? Yeah -- I'll own that. Have I been indiscreet in what I've posted here in the past?

Yeah. I'll own that too.

Am I likely to be indiscreet about what I say in the future? I could say I hope not, but...well...probably.

The important thing to remember at all times is that this is *my* place to vent and express my opinion about my life and the people in it. A lot of the more personal stuff is restricted access -- most of what I write isn't.

You come here, you read my shit, you take your chances on what you might find. Normal, sane human beings *ask* if they want clarification, further details, or are troubled by something I said. Suprisingly enough, I do actually have a code of ethics on how I deal with talking about other people in public posts -- most of the time if you don't want me expressing my opinion about you to the entire internet I will at the *very* least restrict access to it.

Normal, sane human beings *ask*. They don't stew and then attack. That way lies drama, and we don't do that here.

To that end, [ profile] uselessbrother is now banned. Any further sockpuppets traceable to that particular sibling will be banned as well, without engaging them in any sort of discussion whatsoever. If he wants to communicate with me on any subject, he can follow the rest of our siblings' lead and pick up the fucking phone.

All comment threads responding to [ profile] uselessbrother's screed have been frozen, and I would consider it a personal favor if you guys wouldn't add anything to them anymore.

*sprays Febreze with Pet Odor Controlling Enzyme around to get rid of smell*

It's a new day. It's Friday! I'm leaving for San Diego in a matter of days. There is porn to write, fangirling to do, and lots and lots of navel-gazing.

But first? Shower.
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Seen on a sign at Sonny's Real Pit BarBQue tonight...

"Pork Three Ways"

I couldn't make this shit up. Seriously.

In other news, does anyone know why my LJ suddenly looks like ass?

ETA:'s only *part* of LiveJournal. Huh.
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...but I'm too much of a computer idiot to know how to get it in here!

Anyone want to clue me in -- do I actually need to have a website to implant this measly .jpg in my LJ?