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::sigh:: Better day so far. A little frustrating trying to coordinate Dad's doctor's appointment with my regular lunch meeting, but hopefully Mom and Dad understand now that I'm okay cancelling or postponing for something like a doctor's appointment that happens once every SIX MONTHS. Yikes.

Got the HL books caught up to date. Damn we're bringing in respectable money for a part-time business venture. Nothing anywhere near where we can take off and do it full time, but it's taking noticeable pressure off.

On the unhappy (okay, whiny petulant child) side of things, this appears to be my week for getting the shit kicked out of my ego. I hadn't realized just how comfortably arrogant I'd gotten about some things...won't make *that* mistake again any time soon.

Between the two major butt-kickings, I think I'm *most* embarrassed about letting myself get affected empathically by someone else's stress levels...that's a mistake I haven't made in so long I can't even remember the last time it happened. Nothing like realizing the headache you're nursing isn't even yours to make you feel like a seriously inept moron.

Ah well -- live, learn, and think twice (or even thrice) before offering opinions.

Buffy and 24 finales tonight! I'm psyched, and I know Robin's going to be thrilled -- no more incognito Mom on Tuesday nights.
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Court of Awards/Bridging Ceremony is over. No more Brownies, ever. I survived. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

90 minutes before I have to leave for the Gulfport show.

That is all.


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