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*whine* But I don’t want to listen to the replay of yesterday’s meeting!

Seriously…for loving my job as much as I do, I’ve been doing some whining about it this week. Mornings are just hard. I don’t want to spend the money or the calories on Starbucks on the way in, but I haven’t been good at all about getting real, honest-to-goodness sleep this week. Initially I was trying, but I was at that point of being *so* overtired that sleep was impossible.

Later on in the week, I just quit pretending. That’s what the weekend’s for, right?

No club night at least. There’s a huge trade show in town (which could be interesting to check out), and E decided it wasn’t worth having people set up to vend. He’s still doing the regular second Saturday thing, but it’s going to be more of a “meet and greet” party than the usual gig. At least that’s what he told me last time I checked in with him…I should probably give him a call just to touch base, but excessive communication with people has definitely been filed under “too much effort” this week.

D*Con talk flying fast and furious. Can. Not. Wait! Any of you off my f-list that are attending (that don’t already know this), I can be easily tracked down during the day at the Offworld Designs t-shirt booth. We’re in the regular dealer’s room, not the hoity-toity “exhibitors hall”. I’d tell you precisely where, but as everything is relocating to the Hilton this year I really don’t know where we’re positioned precisely. Just look for the biggest t-shirt display in the room and the completely over-caffeinated, short-haired salesperson handling anywhere from between one and five customers simultaneously. I probably won’t be able to do much more than say “hi” and try and sell you a t-shirt, but I *love* being able to put faces to LJ handles! Stop by!

Not entirely sure what’s going on this weekend, which is both surprising and weird. My weekends have been at least partially set in stone for so long, this is definitely going to be something different. One thing I do know is that Robin is turning FIFTEEN on Sunday.

Fifteen. That’s like a real age and everything. Age to be reckoned with. A mere three years standing between her and adulthood. Between her and high school graduation. Between her and college. Between…

Okay, I’d better stop before [ profile] grindar goes catatonic.
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So we had a preconstruction meeting today for the painter. Our project is a “LEED” school, which is an acronym for something that I always forget. Basically it’s a fancy way of saying we’re trying to build an environmentally friendly school.

You know…green. (side note: based on the numbers coming in for all this environmentally friendly work, the green that’s going to end up associated with this school is so totally not grass).

Anyhoo, the School Board’s painting consultant was here. And he had documentation for everyone. That needed copying.

Did he do this himself in the ten minutes he was farting around before the meeting? Oh no. Did he even ask *me* to do it in the ten minutes or so he was farting around before the meeting?

No. He waits until we’re all seated, then gives me *one* of the packets he needs copied. Doesn’t even ask, just declares that he needs it copied, and stares at me until I get up and take it. When I finished (it was a nightmare…pages kept randomly sticking together), he hands me another one.

Then another one.

The superintendent told me that he and the APM were taking bets at the fourth time we did this go-‘round how long it was going to take before I unloaded on the guy. I never did…I’m a professional, and he is of an age where I understand his thought process. I’m the only woman in the trailer – therefore I’m the secretary; I make the copies.

What amuses me is that my guys and I understand each other so well already that it would never occur to them to pull something like that.

Unless it was to get a laugh. Of course. :)


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