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"Goddess, please keep the nightmares away from me -- especially Richard Hatch!"


I don't know which is bothering her more -- watching Hatch in action or realizing that I like Richard possibly the best of any of them.

Especially since it appears that he hasn't changed his tactics a bit. The man is the reincarnation of Machiavelli -- I swear he is.

This is going to be fun. *g*
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So tonight was the last Survivor related get together of the friends I've been meeting with every week during the run of Survivor: Marquesas. Yeah, yeah, I know the finale was Sunday...the universe didn't want us all to be able to get together Sunday, so we watched it tonight.

Didn't matter that three of us knew who won, and two of us had watched tapes of the broadcast -- the crucial missing factor that had to be experienced was the snark.

Snark is crucial for proper Survivor viewing.

Anyhoo...since we were watching a tape instead of a network broadcast, we spent a little extra time hanging out and gossiping. Irene and Darice went to the computer to check something, and I hear Darice talking to Irene about setting up her own lj.

Yes, that *is* the "It's a Small World" song you hear in the background.

I cannot believe that I started this figuring it would just be a small thing, someplace for me to vent and record my feelings, and instead I'm finding a whole new way to relate to my friends!