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If you’ve been reading this LJ for any length of time since I first fell in love with this show, you’ve noticed that my posts on the subject tend to be less on the introspective side and more on the squee-fully incoherent “oh Boys!” “Oh, Show!” level. Especially this season.

What can I say? I’m fairly shallow when it comes to such things, and SPN feeds that in me like a gourmet chef with an unlimited budget.

(Besides…have you seen the actors?)

Almost from the moment I was able to stop giggling at episode 4 X 18, however – I started thinking. The wank has already hit Journalfen. Less than twenty-four hours, which honestly anyone with any sort of realistic awareness of fandoms in general and SPN fandom in particular figured was going to happen sooner than it did.

Spoiler-free summary? The show outed their fandom. It was impressively woven into the fabric of the season’s mytharc – but they busted us completely.

They even mentioned slashfic. Wincest slashfic, to be specific. And the character’s reactions in the context of the show were pretty much what you’d expect a) given those particular characters b) how any marginally sane person would react if they discovered that legions of people they never met were writing porn about them getting it on with their close relatives.

Not surprisingly, fandom go boom. A large chunk of us (myself included) thought it was the funniest, most awesome thing ever.

A different section of the fandom?

Not so much. )
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"Now I want to write a Supernatural/Good Omens crossover, and it's all your fault!"

Robin - to me.

Score. :-)
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Am I the only one that needs a cigarette? Ho-ly HELL I have missed my boys!

And next week may just kill me dead. Dead, people!

Spoilery gasping about next week. )

And let's not forget our love letter from Kripke et al... )

Finally, I was so jazzed by the end of the episode, I ended up completely vulnerable to the Kim Manners acknowledgement. Teared right up.
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Jared Padalecki's back ought to be illegal.

It's definitely immoral.

And probably fattening too.

*fans self*


11/12/08 21:47
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Mitch Pileggi is sex on two legs.

Even after all this time.

Even when he's tongue-kissing his on-screen daughter.
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About the fourth time my work phone rang today (ringer is "Carry on My Wayward Son"), I got a little misty.

It's Thursday. I was craving my boy-fix. No new eps until January though! :-(

Figured I'd check out the rerun tonight. Not the same ordinarily, but any Winchester port in a storm, eh?

And what do you know! "In the Beginning" tonight, aka the S4 "yes, this truly is the incest hour" ep.
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Do you think they could have crammed one more fucking commercial into that episode?!?!?!?!?! Seriously people - I think we've finally achieved parity between commercial time and actual story-time!!!!


2/10/08 22:08
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How was tonight's SPN actually better than I could have possibly hoped for?




As I said on [ profile] trollprincess' LJ, this is only the THIRD FREAKING EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!

And they're doing *this* to us?

I'm making out my will this weekend, because at this rate I'm going to be dead by May 2009.

Yes I skipped the debate. And as my reward, I got tightly written plot, climactic revelations, and lots of Mitch Pileggi being heart-stoppingly evil and sexy all over my television screen.

I don't see the downside here.


29/9/08 07:19
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I recently bought the S3 DVDs for Supernatural. Inside is a code and instructions for a free digital download of the entire season.

Anybody want it? I don't do digital television downloads as a rule, and I certainly don't do them of episodes I already have.

First come first serve (although being as I left the sheet at home, you won't get the info until tonight.

Edit: [ profile] happygoth gets the code!
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[ profile] thenyxie is my favoritest person in the world to squee about Supernatural with. She writes awesome porn and her LJ is a great place for a sane (if deeply twisted) SPN fan to hang out.


In the post-ep squee, sometime between Thursday and Friday (not sure when), *somebody* turned loose a plot bunny involving Castiel topping Dean.

I'm so going to hell.
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With regards to the chastising I gave you last week...

I'm torn between saying "thanks for the apology all is forgiven" and "see, now was that so hard?".

Gold. Sheer fucking gold. Tense, scary, creepy, funny, angst-filled and characters actually behaving in character! I haven't had my "everything I could ever want in an hour of television" filled like this since "Heart"!

And not a "bitch", "whore", "slut", "skank" or crappily gratuitous scene of violence against a female to be had anywhere. *squee*

Welcome back show! I missed you *so* much!
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Okay, let me get the complaining out of the way right up front:

Bile and venom for SPN's creator. No fannish love here whatsoever - skip to next cut if you want to preserve your squee. )

Okay, on to the squee…

Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 1. )

In conclusion: EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *giggle* Yeah, I can dissect and meta this puppy for days, but ultimately this is what it’s most likely always going to boil down to.
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Not *that* spoiled!



I so totally didn't see that coming. Don't know why I didn't, but I didn't.

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*dorks right the hell out*

Even as mildly spoiled as I am, HOMG MY SHOW IS BACK!!! Didn't finish my quest to rewatch all three seasons this summer, but HOMG DON'T CARE! SHOW! BOYS! ANGST!

Look for me to be even more ridiculous at around 10:02 this evening. Come on - you know I'm not overstating things. *g*

In other news, I'm having a sale! My first ever - and like most things today it's all about the SPN! Go see! Go see!

I'm verra 'cited.
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[ profile] thenyxie is totally my dealer in SPN fic-crack! Sam (SPN)/Faith (BTVS), 366 words, NC-17, spoilers for "No Rest for the Wicked" (S3 season finale).

Go here for the angsty porn!
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Cut to spare the supremely uninterested and totally unspoiled… )

In non-specific fannish news, I signed up for [ profile] oldschoolfic. Go, check it out – sign up yourself! I seem to be writing more fic lately as an antidote to all the life stuff I’m balancing, but it’s still a rare enough occurrence that I felt I should promote. *cringe*


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