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and on to something important! *g*

I'm having a sale at the website! Between now and November 15th, you can save 25% on our "Sparkle in Sunlight" shirts! Look! Look!

Delivery is 100% guaranteed by November 21, 2008 - opening day of the Twilight movie. So, whether you're a Twilight junkie, know somebody who is, or just want to be ironically cynical about the whole thing, now is the time to buy!

(I'm going to be having other sales between now and the winter holidays, so if you don't already have the site bookmarked, now is the time to do it!)
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I'm very excited about both of these - they look *amazing*! Especially the Harvelle's shirt - the tie dye work is every bit as incredible as I was promised.

As for the second shirt, well...*giggle*

Click and see! )

Both designs are live on the Raven's Nest Fashions website and available for purchase!
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*dorks right the hell out*

Even as mildly spoiled as I am, HOMG MY SHOW IS BACK!!! Didn't finish my quest to rewatch all three seasons this summer, but HOMG DON'T CARE! SHOW! BOYS! ANGST!

Look for me to be even more ridiculous at around 10:02 this evening. Come on - you know I'm not overstating things. *g*

In other news, I'm having a sale! My first ever - and like most things today it's all about the SPN! Go see! Go see!

I'm verra 'cited.
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Inventory and reorganizing and paperwork and photos and web site updating...ha! Welcome to my weekend. :)

At the end of it all, I am pleased to announce a web site update, featuring my two newest designs:

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I love knowing creative people *so* much!

(Feel free to link don't even need to ask. I of course want as many people looking at my site as humanly possible.)
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Update! Update! The website has been updated!


Featured now are our two newest designs - one Lunatic Fridge original design, and one of my own creations (actually a group execution - idea by me, concept layout by [ profile] laughingimp, original artwork by [ profile] chloegoth, final execution by Offworld Designs!)

Pictures ahoy! )
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Okay, bowing to peer pressure, and following in the incredible footsteps of [ profile] llamachameleon and [ profile] harmonyfb*g*, I have put a "Twilight" shirt up on [ profile] livelongnmarry.

Go and bid! Awesome shirt for an awesome cause!


4/7/08 12:23
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First word Holy. Second word Crap.

And yes, on the off chance anyone is interested, I appear to be fully functional.