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I stressed to Robin this morning at the bus stop that no matter what the next four years bring, she needs to take one really important fact out of yesterday.

For the first time going as far back as I can remember, Americans in record numbers saw how far off the acceptable path our country has swung, stood up and said "Enough". People wanted change and were willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.

For the first time in far too long I can honestly believe that our government is afraid of its people instead of the other way around...and from where I sit, that's never a bad thing.

*They* serve *us*, and its past time they remember that.
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Pearls of true wisdom.

It's always so wonderful when someone has already expressed what I feel so perfectly.

Everything old is new again -- if you want to know what is right and true in the world, ask a Bard.

*tips hat to [ profile] kingofthewho*


8/11/06 13:13
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Just tuned in to see that Rumsfeld is stepping down.

On top of the Democrats retaking the House, I don't know if my f-list can take it.

You guys want a cigarette? Chocolate? :)
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I originally mistakenly assumed Gallagher was a liberal talk show host. In the interest of clarity, he apparently isn't (not like I pay that close attention).

Left or right, this dude has claimed the title of "awesome human" in my eyes right now:

Check it out!

Please don't tell me he has some deep, hidden agenda about this, or how this doesn't make up for any other weirdness he might have uttered, or he's going to be more than compensated in publicity for what he loses in airtime.

Right now he's made it so those mothers and fathers can grieve their girls in peace. For that he gets a hell of a lot of slack in my book.

(oh, and [ profile] laughingimp -- in answer to your question last night, the show will apparently let the Westboro crowd take calls if they choose.)
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Cindy wasn't the only one!

I heard a press conference with Congressman Young commenting on this. He is PISSED OFF.

Not a good move by the security forces. Not good at all.

What amuses *me* (in that sort of fine edge of hysteria way) is that while Fox News has been all over Cindy Sheehan's ejection, they haven't said *anything* about Mrs. Young.

You so do not want to cross this couple.

*makes popcorn*
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I will totally vote to suspend the First Amendment in one specific case.

Pat Robertson really needs to never speak again.


In other news, overtired, undercaffeinated, but *really* loving a commute to the airport that's half the time it used to be.
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So, assuming military incursion into Iraq is a foregone conclusion, what does that mean for the nearest and dearest to my heart with military experience, or of so-called "draftable age". What is draftable age anyway?

I remember during the Gulf War, Trimaris "lost" a lot of our kingdom to the military effort. I never understood the thread that connected them, however. I think most of them were Reservists, but I never found out for certain what it was about their status that made them eligible to go overseas. I don't think *any* of them were active military, which is why I guess I'm paying closer attention this time.

I mean, in addition to friends, I've got six family members this time around in the 18-24 age bracket, which as I recall is the prime age.

It's not full blown worry, by any stretch of the imagination, but if/when things escalate, I'm thinking it's information that would be good for me to have filed away.