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Yes, people, you read that right. Karaoke. More to the point, Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do".

*And*, I was sober. More than can be said for my companion, who later -- one presumes emboldened by my complete lack of self-consciousness -- got up to wow the crowd with a rendition of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". ([ profile] laughingimp, that mellowing we were talking about might actually be more than wishful thinking. I have details about last night that did *not* reach the shop today. *g*)

Best that can be said about my little adventure is when cold-singing a rock song in front of an guts definitely outstrip my talent.

It has been an interesting, interesting trip so far. Yes, I have a list of snapshot items that may go up later, but I had the time to fire off a quick update, and since word of my karaoke singing has already gotten out, figured I'd pop on line and 'fess up.

Among the highlights of the road trip (time spent in Chicago was far too wonderful to detail on the fly) are included the worst Chinese food in the country. No, I am *not* shitting you. Southern Missouri. Go try it yourself if you don't believe me. It's at the same exit with the most malfunctioning gas pump in the country.

Also we saw a military drone plane flying over northern Texas. That's really all it could have been to my mind, although I admit I wouldn't know what one of them actually looked like if my life depended on it.

Tomorrow we are off to Tijuana, by way of San Diego. I'll probably get to update in greater detail once the show starts. Not much to do in the evening otherwise.
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We're on the road at some point today. Barb apparently is swearing it will be 9am CST. [ profile] laughingimp swears it will be more like 2pm.

I've had a fabulous couple of days. I am so destressed I'm fucking boneless...and I already have almost a full Snapshots entry in my head.

Don't know when I'll be able to get on again -- probably not until San Diego. Take care everybody...and remember. Whatever else you are, do not find yourself faint of butt.
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"Yes, Ray, it's a backpack shaped like a fuzzy little anime critter. No, it's not for Robin -- it's for me. Stop looking at me like that!"


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