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It's kind of stunning to look around this place and realize that ten days ago, when I put Robin on the plane to Kentucky, we were still fully decorated for Christmas.

Going to be interesting to see her reaction to the changes tomorrow. I'm almost to the point where I feel comfortable posting pictures -- and given what I've got to work with, I have to say that the place is starting to look pretty damn good. :)

(24 tonight! Squeee!!!!)

*ahem* 'Scuse me. *g*

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to a regular scholastic schedule. I've definitely pushed myself to the point where I need an excuse to stop unpacking so obsessively. Yes it's productive, but working myself to the point where my muscles are consistently in a state of near collapse can't be a good thing.

Although emotionally it's been *very* satisfying -- and surprisingly, not in a masochistic way.

(Jack Bauer! Squeee!!!!!)

It's like an attack of Kiefer-Tourettes. I'm so sorry.

What was I saying? Oh yes -- house, OCD...I think that train of thought has reached the station.

I'm desperately hoping that I've burned myself out on Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce latte's...the wallet cannot handle this level of craving for too much longer.

But it's sooooo good!

In non-24 fannish news, I *finally* was able to sit my but down for a first-run showing of BSG this past Friday.

I think I can honestly say I've made my peace with this show. I've pretty much kept up with everything that's gone on this past couple of seasons, even if I stopped watching regularly 2/3 of the way through season one.

Grace Park? *Still* my favorite. Cannot explain it, and I really don't think it's all hormones. She had a scene with Adama this week that just blew me away.

And once I catch up on past episodes, I'll be interested to see if my current impression of Starbuck holds true. I liked her in her current posting the most I think I've *ever* liked her...and I think her comments about Admiral Cain were dead-on accurate.

(JackTonyMichelletension!!!! Squee!!!!)

Again, sorry. Can't help it. *g*

I was mulling it over today, and I think there's got to be something to the fact that the best shows out there are working this 13-week half-season thing. It's staggering to think that BSG is in its third season, and it feels like it's just getting to the meat of how good it's capable of being.

But with thirteen episodes instead of 22, it seems like there's less risk of actors, writers and directors getting completely fried. I would imagine it's also easier to plot out a thirteen-ep season-long arc than it is a 22-ep one.

Or...dare I say it...A 24 EPISODE ONE!!!!

Seriously though -- 24, much as I adore it, does not suffer from tight, well-plotted arcs for its seasons.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not going to have my butt glued in front of the television in a little less than an hour and a half. ;)
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Making a delivery to [personal profile] tinne at lunch time.

BTVS tapes and alcohol.

Some would say one should not be experienced without the other. *snerk*

In other news, the quest for fodder for the garage sale to end all garage sales continues. Lest you folks think [personal profile] tinne is the only one receiving alcohol, just wait. I believe before the weekend is over I'll have goodies for most of the local folk.

Dad insisted on hauling the recycling bin to the curb himself this morning. I think it's really been bothering him the last several weeks that the bin's too heavy for him and not me. Male pride takes strange forms sometimes, and his has been overdosing on steroids for years.

Basically the rationale went that because my 34 year old body is capable of lifting that bin, his 73 year old body should be able to as well.

He's currently in bed, sound asleep.

We started Robin on the Zoloft this morning. Her bloodwork came back totally normal, which is a good thing to know outside of the psych stuff. She actually was able to swallow the pill...half pill actually, but the sucker's small enough that I don't think she'll have *any* problems with the full dose when we work up to that.

Now I just need to coordinate counselling appointments.

And Amy & Co. arrive tomorrow.


I asked for motivation. I asked for productivity.

I'm just gonna keep repeating that until we're out of here. *g*
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Getting ready for the garage sale.

Plowed through a box of school papers stretching from 5th grade through college. Wow. Culled what I wanted to keep, but *GAWD* I was a strange one.

Robin's blood draw was this morning. She had a righteous panic attack prior to the procedure, but once she calmed down everything was fine.

Dad is *helping* us get ready for the garage sale. Pray for us.

Dinner with the ex-in laws tonight. See above.
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Wanted to be brilliant, witty and insightful. Really I did.

It was a long, long day, with much driving by me and the Little Dude in the demon machine with no A/C. But, everyone ended up if not entirely happy...then satisfied. I managed to get everything accomplished that I absolutely needed to, and didn't lose my mind in the process. Go me!

The Cruxshadows' "Wishfire" is an *amazing* album. If you haven't heard it, DO SO NOW. That is all. I'm not sure I even have a favorite song off it yet, although "Coming Home" is edging out "Orphean Wing" as of this writing.

I suppose it should be reassuring that life is turning out to be as busy as I knew it would be at this point?

Significant life decision -- I've pretty much resolved that I'm not going back to Girl Scouting. There's too much going on, especially where things are going with Robin, and I need to be able to focus on that and her, instead of worrying about running a troop of Juniors effectively.

This doesn't mean Robin is done with Girl Scouts. Not by a long shot. We'll take the year off, but all things being equal I'd like to see her in a good troop next year. I'm just at a point where I realize it not only doesn't *have* to be a troop lead by me, it probably shouldn't be.

I see you over there mocking me, [personal profile] grindar, don't think that I don't! *g*

Ex in-laws are in town, and wanting to take me and Robin to dinner tomorrow. Robin is very happy to see them, and I think it will be far easier to see them socially when it's just Robin and I. Last year's attempt at a "social dinner" was just six degrees of awkward for everybody (*except* Robin) IMO.

Of course Robin informed me tonight that Grandma told her she didn't have to do the jump ropes anymore. There was also something about an alternate exercise, but I gently reminded Robin that Grandma is not in charge of her exercise regimen -- her Dad and I are.

I *suspect* Robin misunderstood what was being said by Grandma, but still...

Blood draw tomorrow, eight am. Also have to set the counselling appointment and arrange to clue school in on what's happening. Then have to deal with all the bullshit of getting the pay request out the door. No, it didn't get mailed off today -- but not due to anything *I* was in control of. I did *my* part...even while watching a toddler in North St. Pete!

Factor in cleaning, packing, and continuing to prepare for the garage sale to end all garage sales, and I predict another sound night's sleep for yours truly. Mom's been both busy *and* productive, which is cool, since she's the lynchpin in this whole mess.

At least I caught Charmed *last* night, so there's no reason for me to force myself to stay up past Robin going to bed.

Ah, the little things that become important! *g*

I'm sure there was other stuff I wanted to get down in words, but I'm suddenly very much aware that I only got five hours of sleep last night.


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