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Ganked from just about everybody...

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11/6/13 18:19
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Comment on this entry and I will tell you that you are the _____ to my _____ (you can specify a fandom if you want).

By commenting you are automatically TAGGED and you must post this meme to your journal (or not, if you don't want to!)
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These are courtesy of [ profile] scout_lover!

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I'm not going to repost the first part of the meme - if you want to play, that's here. I did, however, go seeking additional questions, so here are some of my answers!

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(Lifted from [ profile] hollymac_79...)

Give me a character from any of my fandoms and I'll tell you:

Why I like them
Why I don’t
Favorite episode (scene if movie, book, manga, etc)
Favorite season/movie/book/volume
Favorite line
Head Canon
Unpopular opinion
A wish
An oh-god-please-don't-ever-happen
5 words to best describe them
My nickname for them

Possible Choices: Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Leverage, Castle, Whedonverse, Avengers, Arrow, Rizzoli & Isles, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Elementary, Vampire Diaries, Law & Order (Original Recipe & SVU), Bones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek (old and new), Chronicles of Narnia - if you're not sure, ask.
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While I didn't get 100% caught up on my outstanding fic obligations, I'm down to four so I've decided to go ahead with an idea I parkered from [ profile] alinaandalion. As I have in the past, I want to do something for you guys, for all the times you've kept me sane.


The first twenty people to respond to this entry with a fic prompt (characters, rating, general idea what you're looking for) will get that fic from me in December. I'm going to do one fic a day between December 1 and 20 (in the past I've done 12 Fics for Xmas, but that interferes with [ profile] hickumu time hence the schedule adjustment).

Within the following fandoms I'm pretty much willing to write anything (even if it's not my preference), so don't worry about letting me know exactly what you're looking for! As everybody who is a regular reader of this LJ should also know, I'll cross anybody into anything.


Rizzoli & Isles
Law & Order (Original Recipe & SVU)
Warehouse 13
Covert Affairs
White Collar
Avengers (Movieverse)
Hunger Games
BSG v1.0 and v2.0
Star Wars
A-Team (TV Verse)

*deep breath* Okay guys - let's see what you've got!
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Comment and I will...

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favorite userpic of yours.
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...with a meme!

Stolen from...who else? ([ profile] mizzy2k, that's who!)

Pick a number and I'll answer the question.

1 - Your current OTP
2 - A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind
3 - A pairing you have never liked and probably never will
4 - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t
5 - Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what
6 - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom
7 - Do you remember your first OTP, if so who was in it
8 - Do you prefer characters from real action series or anime series
9 - Has the internet caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
10 - Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr
11 - How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom
12 - Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for
13 - Your favorite fanart or fanartist
14 - Your favorite fanfiction or fanauthor
15 - Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind you of
16 - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas)
17 - A ship you’ve abandoned and why
18 - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships
19 - Show us an example of your personal headcanon
20 - Do you remember what your first fanwork was?
21 - Self-rec: What's your favorite fanwork you've created?
22 - Are you one of those fans who can’t watch anything without shipping
23 - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms
24 - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms
25 - A fandom you’re in but have no ships from
26 - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go
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Swiped from [ profile] mizzy2k (natch):

Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

99% of my fic is here. A few other random fics are here.

Oh this should be fun...*g*
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Pass it on...
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Swiped from [ profile] mizzy2k

Give me a letter and I will tell you:

A - My current OTP.
B - A pairing I initially didn’t consider but someone changed my mind.
C - A pairing I have never liked and probably never will.
D - A pairing I wish I liked but just can’t.
E - Have I added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to my fandom, if so, what?
F - What’s the longest I’ve ever been in a fandom?
G - Do I remember my first OTP, if so who was in it?
H - Do I prefer characters from real action series or anime series?
I - Has tumblr caused me to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?
J - Name a fandom I didn’t care/think about until I saw it all over tumblr?
K - How do I feel about the other people in my current fandom?
L - My favorite fanartist/author gives me one request, what do I ask for?
M - My favorite fanart or fanartist?
N - My favorite fanfiction or fanauthor?
O - Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind me of?
P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
Q - A ship I’ve abandoned and why?
R - A pairing I ship that I don’t think anyone else ships.
S - Show us an example of my personal headcanon.
T - If I mostly have homoships, do I have any heteroships?
U - If I mostly have heteroships, do I have any homoships?
V - Am I one of those fans who can’t watch anything without shipping?
W - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms.
X - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms.
Y - A fandom I’m in but have no ships from.
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go!
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Name any two fandoms you know I'm familiar with, and I will tell you how I would, hypothetically, cross them over!

Dunno how much of a challenge this is, considering I'm such a crossover whore, but hit me with your best shot!
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(Swiped from [ profile] mizzy2k!)

Comment with a ship from one of my fandoms and I'll respond with a gif or an image or sparkly text (or similar!) with how I feel about them!

(Best place to get an idea of my fandoms if you don't already know is the interests list on my profile page!)
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Meme parkered from [ profile] ghoulfang by way of [ profile] mizzy2k.

Give me a link to one of my fics, and I'll give you three details that didn't make it into the fic. Background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. My choice, but if you have a specific question you can ask it in your request.
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Swiped from [ profile] sheryden by way of [ profile] mizzy2k:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

I swear I've tried to limit this to fic I intend to finish...someday.
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THE HEAD-CANON MEME (swiped from [ profile] mizzy2k)

Send me a character name and some numbers, and I will tell you:

1. What does their bedroom look like?
2. Do they have any daily rituals?
3. Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
4. What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy?
5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)
6. Eating habits and sample daily menu
7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging
9. Makeup?
10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such?
11. Intellectual pursuits?
12. Favorite book genre?
13. Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?
14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.)
15. Biggest and smallest short term goal?
16. Biggest and smallest long term goal?
17. Preferred mode of dress and rituals surrounding dress
18. Favorite beverage?
19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?
20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them?
21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs?
22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?
23. How organized are they? How does this organization/disorganization manifest in their everyday life?
24. Is there one subject of study that they excel at? Or do they even care about intellectual pursuits at all?
25.How do they see themselves 5 years from today?
26. Do they have any plans for the future? Any contingency plans if things don’t workout?
27. What is their biggest regret?
28. Who do they see as their best friend? Their worst enemy?
29. Reaction to sudden extrapersonal disaster (eg The house is on fire! What do they do?)
30. Reaction to sudden intrapersonal disaster (eg close family member suddenly dies)
31. Most prized possession?
32. Thoughts on material possessions in general?
33. Concept of home and family?
34. Thoughts on privacy? (Are they a private person, or are they prone to ‘TMI’?)
35. What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?
36. What makes them feel guilty?
37. Are they more analytical or more emotional in their decision-making?
38. Would they consider themselves a Type A or Type B personality?
39. What recharges them when they’re feeling drained?
40. Would you say that they have a superiority-complex? Inferiority-complex? Neither?
41. How misanthropic are they?
42. Hobbies?
43. How far did they get in formal education? What are their views on formal education vs self-education?
44. Religion?
45. Superstitions or views on the occult?
46. Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds?
47. If they were to fall in love, who (or what) is their ideal?
48. How do they express love?
49. If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like?
50. Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?
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(Yeah, there's no better icon in the batch.)

Fic Meme - my year of fics

Total fic count: ~180 fics = ~332,000 words

Fandom breakdown:

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Best of the batch: After the Silence Has Returned. Considering all the stress I was under at the time, I really do think it's some of my best storytelling.

Most popular: Taking What You Want, thereby proving [ profile] mizzy2k's assertion that size (of the fandom) *does* matter.

Most underappreciated by the universe: After the Silence Has Returned. Definitely.

Most fun to write: God, anything involving Eliot Spencer and Ellen Harvelle. My new OTP!

Sexiest fic: I wrote a crapload of porn in 2011, but for pure sexy fun, I'm going to have to go with Grief Sex.

Fluffiest fic: Priorities. You could also make a case for the sparkly abomination, I guess... I don't write a lot of fluff.

Most angsty: After much debate (Hello [ profile] angst_bingo!), I'm going with Tabula Rasa. And in a year where I killed and/or maimed pretty much most of the Leverage team in every way imaginable, that is saying a lot.

Most canon: This is hard, because I do my damndest to hew to canon as much as possible. In the end I'll go with Just A Tool In The Arsenal.

Least canon: Faith Indeed. Even with all my crossovers and post-apocalyptic fics, this one is I like it, but it took one look at canon and ran screaming in the opposite direction.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic: Probably Crossing That Line. This was the fic that proved to me that even in the SPN fandom there's a point where you can go too far...and my porn brain tends to live there.

Fic that shifted your own perceptions of the characters: Untitled OT3 Porn. This was the first time I think I successfully handled Parker's sexuality.

Best title: Tabula Rasa (I suck at titles!)

Hardest fic to do: Again, After the Silence Has Returned. I was completely out of practice writing epics, running [ profile] leveragexchange and doing [ profile] angst_bingo at the time. The fact that I produced something as good as I think it is under those conditions still stuns me.

Biggest disappointment: Consequences - believe me when I say this one was much better in my head.

Biggest surprise: Outside the Box. Not only did I write an Eliot self-injury fic, I managed to make it believable, sympathetic, and not offend anyone in the process.

Popular themes: Emotional fallout from catastrophic loss, Nate's daddy issues, Eliot/Ellen, Faith's life journey.

Most unintentionally telling: Happy Birthday - I Quit!. Nearly 2900 words of me having an argument with myself. Not my finest work.

Unfinished fic carried over into the new year: I've got a couple, but the biggest is the unofficial attempt at a blackout with a [ profile] kink_bingo card I got late in the last round.

Unfinished fic that will stay unfinished: Probably the precursor to "Crossing That Line" that I tried co-authoring with [ profile] nyxocity. While we're huge fans of each other's work, our writing styles (and our schedules) are just not compatible.
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I haven't really done this meme since my father died - I relied on you guys so much when he was sick and I was so desperately in debt that it seemed hypocritical to keep asking once I got a job and a little more control over my own destiny.

Don't know why, but this year I'm feeling the need to give and receive. It's been a rough time on a lot of fronts for people, and trust me - if you repost this meme and it's in my power, I'm totally there.

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1. Think of up to 20 ships you support.
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your f-list guess as many of the ships as they can.
4. Fandom hints will be given if asked in the comments.

Despite what you might assume, none of these are crossover 'ships. )


11/11/11 14:04
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Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

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