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So I spent yesterday hiding and being self-indulgent. Didn't really do anything I was supposed to do -- just worked on my dress for this weekend, overdosed on old school General Hospital, IM'd with the boyfriend and wrote smut.

Didn't even feel guilty about it, because I knew this morning was going to start sucking bright and early. See, Mom went in for her knee replacement surgery this morning. So I had to coordinate getting her to the hospital, getting Robin to the bus stop, getting Dad fed and (at his insistence) getting the two of us to the hospital to wait out the surgery. And, based on last year's experience, suffering through Dad pestering me every twenty minutes about why we haven't heard anything yet.

Plus I got my period yesterday.

So, against all odds, the schedule worked this morning. I had sufficient time to get everything done I needed to. Dad wasn't overtly stressed or crazy, and managed to handle getting himself dressed for the most part. I helped, but not as much as I helped on vacation -- and the only thing he really missed on was trying to wear a bathrobe as a coat.

And then -- we get to the hospital, and against all odds one of his oldest friends and one of the nicest guys he ever did business with is sitting in the waiting room waiting for *his* wife to get out of surgery. They're currently catching up, while I enjoy the wireless connection I found.

Heh. Guess the universe remembered my birthday is this week after all.
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"Convicted in Absentia":

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
56,383 / 100,000

That's over 3000 words today. I'm satisfied.

Of course today *was* supposed to be a day of backing off the writing in order to pack for our trip tomorrow. *facepalm* I'm so pathetically predictable sometimes.

I did want to mention a discussion I got into another LJ and some thoughts that other comments stirred up. The discussion was about the feminization of heroines -- specifically a lot of the heroines she listed were media heroines of the 90's and 00's. The question was, are the women disempowered at some point by the audience being reminded that they are women through the process of making them mothers? (I'm paraphrasing, probably badly, but I think I'm getting the point across).

Well anyway, after pointing out that the women cited (specifically Scully, Sydney Bristow, Aeryn Sun, Starbuck, and Xena) in most ways became *more* badass after having a child, I made the somewhat bold, obviously pre-caffeinated statement that "the ultimate expression of our humanity is our ability to choose the direction of our lives. The ultimate expression of our gender as women is the ability to bear children." I did qualify it by distinguishing between ability and the actual bearing of children.

But once the caffeine kicked in (and I read some of the other perspectives), it got me thinking. In making a statement like that, I'm coming from an admitted bias of experience. I have a child.

However -- I have several childfree-by-choice women on my friends list. I have several mothers. I have women who are going through hell in the hopes that they might someday conceive.

In making the statement I did, am I saying that they're "not real women"? I hope I'm not. Intellectually it's not what I intended at all. But in reducing the gender question to an issue of plumbing, am I being shortsighted?

I find myself curiously unable to step outside the bias of my own experience on this one. So I'm throwing it out to anyone who wants to chew over it. What defines us as women? Is this a question that's important to answer? Should it be the same for everyone?

Is woman a word that has to have a specific base definition or it loses meaning?

I also want to chew over the heroine question some more, but whoa-tired and whoa-behind on packing. Will try later -- should be fun after eight hours of driving!
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In the midst of all the BSG burbling, I forgot to mention my ensemble when I went to Starbucks last night.

- Power Puff Goth Girls midriff shirt
- Harry Potter wristwatch
- Inuyasha laptop bag
- Firefly/Serentiy purse
- "Geek Coat" -- my denim jacket that is being taken over by various and sundry fandom patches.

Sometimes I scare myself.
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Oh how I've missed you!

"Convicted in Absentia":

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
42,879 / 100,000

As I said over on [ profile] nanonov, with luck and a few hours at Starbucks, I *should* pass the NaNo mark today. If not, definitely tomorrow.

50K in 10-11 days? I'll take that. Particularly when a lot of the past week has been devoted to rewriting/polishing the first couple of chapters. I know, I know -- not supposed to do that during NaNo (and I wouldn't recommend it for most people) -- but at the pace I've been setting, I don't think it's really going to hurt my ability to complete this thing on time.

Plus, I want to be able to have the first three chapters ready to go out in a query package by November 30 -- which means editing/polishing. Luckily it hasn't required much -- my characters are all in a cooperative mood and more than ready to party.

The big challenge on the horizon story-wise is that I've had to write in two additional characters. One of them is going to *really* want to go with Jason and Diane on their adventures and, well, she can't. She'll interfere, she'll weigh down the storyline, and she'll just generally make me miserable.

Ironically enough, she's already causing me problems. Her name (nickname, actually) is Callie, and she's the team mechanic. *facepalm* No wonder she's annoying me right now.

Been fighting off a cold and general ickiness all week. It's not a surprise -- between life and having my brain tied up in this book, I'm not sleeping well or sufficiently. I'm *really* trying to do better, but it's probably going to be touch and go until the end of the month.

Allergy issues aren't helping, but I invested in some Tylenol Day/Night formula for Robin (who's also been suffering), and it appears to be really wonderful stuff. Haven't tried the nighttime stuff yet; it knocked Robin on her ass last weekend, so I've been kind of leery.

Of course she *does* have her father's nonexistant tolerance for those kind of medications...but on the other hand, I haven't been suffering all that much.

Things around the apartment have been surprisingly calm. We're entering another week of Dad charting reasonable/normal bloodsugar readings, so for the first time in nearly a year I'm not dreading his labs next week. Everything else has gotten more manageable as well -- he's listening to Mom and I more, and actually *asking* for help instead of trying to pretend he can still do things. I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and just handle helping him get dressed while we're away Thanksgiving week, but I definitely want to ease Mom back into that position as quickly as possible.

Not surprisingly (to me, at any rate), Mom is doing *much* better. She's still going in for surgery on the 27th (and needs to), but she hasn't suffered any adverse effects from cutting back the valium dosage. In fact, she's had a lot more energy -- last weekend was the first in far too long that she didn't spend most of it in bed. She's also been offered the possibility of more temp work in December at the Clerk's office, and is considering the possibility that she could be able to do it with a walker. If her doctor agrees -- I think it would be *great* for her self-esteem and recovery.

Gods -- I think what this is all boiling down to is that things are all right. Maybe even...good, with the possibility of better in the future.

Shower. Shower, then back to work! *brandishes pen*


9/11/06 13:41
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, [ profile] ivyfree!!!!!!!

*clutches Browncoat messenger bag*

I <3 the Holiday Wish Meme (and I <3 [ profile] ivyfree, of course)
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One cat with constipation and general discomfort: $50.00 plus one urine-soaked couch.

Seeing the Psycho Ninja Kitty O' Doom (tm [ profile] crevette) endure the humiliation of a proctological exam: Priceless.

Seriously -- I shouldn't have giggled as much as I did. But she's okay, and damn...given her history if I'd known this was going to happen I'd have sold tickets. I'd have covered the vet bill plus an evening out.
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That's not perkiness -- that's the briskness resulting from having just been out to drive Robin to the bus stop in my nightshirt when it's in the low 50's!

(yes, I know -- a good chunk of my f-list thinks 50 degrees is still shorts weather. Lifetime Floridian here. Shut up.)

Wow. Welcome to Fall, or whatever passes for it down here, I guess.

Yesterday was, um, fast to say the least. Lots of phone calls, lots of discussion, lots of mental gymnastics, trying to figure out what I'm going to need and who I'm going to need help from to make it through the weekend. Headless Ladies stock has been located and needs to be inventoried, and I need to make sure I have promotional materials for all three supply companies plus the over-arching name I'm selling under.

Confession? I enjoyed the frak out of it. Felt strong, focused, and oh-so-good to be doing this and doing it well (I assume).

In the midst of all of that, I was able to help Robin get a batch of fudge made for Choi's dessert-contest (part of belt presentation -- she placed third overall). She didn't care if I stayed at belt presentation (she didn't test, so she wasn't getting anything), so I ran to Starbucks for an hour or so to squeeze in some writing.

Good stuff too -- wrote for a decent clip, and I'm happy with what I wrote. J/D are acting completely in canon with almost no prodding from me. They're definitely driver's seat characters. Anything I do outside of the gentlest nudges isn't going to be half as good as letting them do what they want.

"Convicted in Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,332 / 100,000

Felt like it was going to turn out to be more, but considering it was concentrated in a single block of time instead of spread out over the course of the day, I'm not going to complain at all.

Today is the first of two days trekking Mom to Tampa for tests relating to her Menear's disease. With any kind of luck, after Wednesday she'll be able to go off the valium for good.

Maybe then she'll start to perk up at least a little bit.

Dad's coming with us -- he'll hang out with me in the waiting room, and maybe we'll take a drive around Tampa if the MRI starts taking too long. We're learning from past bad choices, you see. :)

And...before I forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] crevette!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously people...if you haven't checked this woman's LJ out, you are missing something a-mazing!
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"Convicted in Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,102 / 100,000

That's nearly 1500 words today. Not the massive dreamy word count I hope to eventually see, but quite respectable on what turned out to be a very social day.

The mood did take an upturn around lunch time, but Robin and I still decided to slide out and see the "Nightmare Before Christmas" rerelease. Robin has *never* seen the movie (due to longstanding childhood scaredy-catedness), and I'm not sure I *ever* saw the whole thing all the way through, much *less* on the big screen.

It was incredible -- and Robin was beautifully up and happy as a result of seeing the film. She started to bemoan the fact that she hadn't had the guts to see it earlier, but finally decided that she appreciated it more seeing it for the first time like this.

Afterwards we went hunting for a new local anime' store that's opened up near her high school.

Day-um. Little tiny storefront, but dude has done his research. The things on his shelves are what the teens are buying, and he's stocking titles that all the teens are *talking* about, but very few people were carrying at the different shows I was at this summer.

I literally begged him to at least stay in business through the holidays. He's likely to save me a fortune in shipping costs.

The irony comes in that Robin and I talked *again* about Necronomicon. I suggested that instead of spending the money to go to Necro, she might just want to plan on blowing the cash she would have spent in the Dealer's Room at this guy's shop. She'd probably end up being *more* satisfied, and we'd save expense money in the long run.

She agreed. Happily.

Then we got home -- and there was an e-mail waiting for me regarding the Dealer's Room at Necronomicon. After being told in no uncertain terms that No Way was I getting a Dealer's Table...suddenly?

There's one available, and would I like it?

Oooookay. Well -- I've been racking my brains trying to figure out creative ways to bring in more money over the holidays. Guess this was the answer to at least part of my prayer. :)

But...I'm vending at a con in a week! Ack!
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...with very little narrative flow whatsoever.

Television really is brain-poison, for the most part. Doesn't stop me from imbibing every chance I get, but there are days I can literally feel my brain filling with sludge.

Luckily with "Convicted" having a solid hold of my brain, the urge to turn the set off is coming more and more frequently. Surprisingly I'm not enjoying having any music at all when I type this one -- a first for me, honestly. Maybe after three years, Jason and Diane are just insisting on some of my undivided attention for a bit.

Not nearly enough on my word count for today yet, but I'm planning on fixing that this evening. Around BSG, of course. It's kind of ironic that I'm grousing about television on the night that my show is airing.

Damn. With 24 not being on right now, BSG is really top of my viewing heap. I have "a show". Heh. Appointment television -- it's a weird, weird phenomenon.

I'm looking ahead to the weekend with no small amount of amusement and anticipation. I do know that there will be garage work sometime this weekend. I have consolidation to do (long overdue consolidation), and I have to dig into my fabric stores. There is still a slim chance I will be able to pull together enough funds for me and Robin to day trip Necro -- surprisingly after the universe very carefully ordering things so that we wouldn't be able to go, her anime' club outing got spontaneously moved to the 29th.

As such, she will need a costume. Plus I am way behind on fleshing out her cos-play wardrobe, which was the deal since I'm putting my foot down about her being too old to trick or treat this year. Plus there's the Marcaster investiture coming up the beginning of December. I'm going to have to find my remaining court gowns (Harmony, you still have the one I loaned you for Rowan to wear at 20 year that you never used -- I'll need that back) and try them on. If they don't fit, or if I get a wild and insane urge, I may end up making myself a new dress.

It's laughable the way some urges never die. I think about my gowns, most of which haven't been worn in fifteen years, and all I can think is how much I'd love to have something *new*.

Yes, it's a sickness. I may get over it -- I may not. Check back with me in a month or so.

At any rate -- I'm determined to raid my fabric stores for as much of the upcoming sewing as humanly possible. Robin brought me possible costume choices last night, and we settled on one I *think* I can replicate without losing too much of my sanity in the process. Long, flowy capes hide a multitude of sins.

Orange pants though? I don't know whether to be appalled at the color, or amused that I might *actually* have fabric that will work!

I still have no idea what time I'm going to get up in the morning. The idea that I can actually sleep in guilt-free after so long is just mind-blowing.

Of course if I sleep in too late, I end up being responsible for my own breakfast. Decisions, decisions -- which lazy impulse do I feel more like indulging. Mom is a *much* better cook than I am, after all.

Ah -- speaking of Mom. Date's been set for her knee surgery (not a full replacement, but definitely not something we can put off for much longer).

November 27th. Monday after Thanksgiving.

Two days before my birthday. *facepalm* Guess some major upheaval had to happen, since it's a year when my birthday isn't over the holidays *and* I managed to switch the ending of our lease (and potential future move dates) to the end of March.

I'll just sucks. I like birthdays -- I especially like *my* birthdays. I just don't know why the last several have had to suck so badly! I won't even get an Alpha night that week -- Mom will either still be in the hospital, or it will be her first night home. It's all very meta about...something. I don't know.

*sigh* Okay. Whine over. Time for the cheese.

My spoilery thoughts on Battlestar Galactica: Exodus, Part One. )

Ack. Dinner is imminent. Further thoughts and Kara-commentary post-eats.
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Which is fairly ironic, since I deliberately went to bed a little early last night. The alarm went off at 5 -- I briefly debated snoozing it, and decided that I shouldn't.

I flopped back on the pillow to stop the room from spinning -- I blinked, and it was 5:30.

Which meant there was no way to get Robin up, dressed, fed and to the bus, but there *was* sufficient time for us to do what we needed to do, and me to *drive* her to school.

So we did that. Got nearly to the corner when I realized that I didn't have enough gas to get to Gibbs and back. And, as per my usual routine, I'd only grabbed my keys.

Ended up "borrowing" three dollars in quarters off Robin.

It's officially been quite a morning. Part of me feels like I should just ctrl-alt-del the day, but I'm actually in a fairly good mood and feeling fairly energized. Not to mention, I've already showered.
Writing on "Convicted" is going *really* well since I got back from the 3 day. I was beginning to worry about how tight a hold Jason had on the narrative, but he finally wound to a close, and now I'm in Diane's scene.

Loving it! It's actually really weird seeing people talk about NaNo prep and knowing that I'm only going to be participating in the loosest sense of the word. It's kind of like how strange last year ended up being -- I cranked out 50,000 words in 6-1/2 days, but because I was busy moving during the authentication period 2006 stands as a year that I signed up, but didn't officially "finish".

I think in the long run that's going to help, though. I'm shooting for between 80K and 100K words by the end of November. It's completely doable with the story I've got to tell -- the challenge has been reminding myself that it's *okay* to keep talking. I've got the space.
Final 3 day thoughts --

It's weird how the farther you get away from a weekend, the harder it is to hold a coherent narrative thread. I find this to be true all the time with my convention trips. Real life gets between you and the experience and starts to confuse things.

Which I guess is how it's supposed to be.

[ profile] crevette's posted pictures. As she says, you can definitely see the quality of our appearance deteriorating as the weekend wears on.

We do still manage to smile, though -- and surprisingly kept smiling even when the camera wasn't on us. I'd like to think it was because we were still enjoying ourselves, but there's probably some mysterious hormonal imbalance at work that causes a Joker-like reaction to events.

She also found a link to some of the local news coverage. The video gallery is definitely worth a look. Channel 10, the local CBS affiliate, fielded a 16 person team, plus their own squad of "walker stalkers".

Sunday morning started off with us colder than Saturday morning. Yes, I'd gone to bed wearing my long-sleeved shirt, but it really hadn't helped all that much.

Sunday was also the morning that we had to break camp, since we weren't coming back that evening. It all went fairly efficiently, with much amusement at the latent SCA skills that came into play.

I would find out later that [ profile] crevette's glasses got bundled into my bedding and shoved into my suitcase. How they didn't end up twisted and broken beyond all recognition is still one of the great mysteries of the day.

Sunday was the shortest distance we had to walk -- and had cheering stations and pit stops set early in the distance. Our first cheering station was less than a mile away, and [ profile] peacockharpy and [ profile] columella were waiting with Starbucks! Sweet, sweet caffeine!

I did feel kind of bad for Jan, because we never did manage to get things coordinated for her, but she was good-natured about it.

Jan, as it turns out, didn't have tendonitis -- just a bad sprain. She and [ profile] crevette were also sporting some kick-ass blisters, making the fact that they both finished that much more impressive.

I've also described Sunday elsewhere as the day that was measured in the distance between porta-potties. It was *so* true. Not only was the Starbucks we'd imbibed working on us, but I was having my usual issues with all the carbs and crap I'd been eating all weekend. Memo to the dude in charge of medical -- it's probably a good thing you didn't point out the *price* we'd have to pay when you were encouraging us to continue eating the potato chips and pretzels being provided. You would have had a revolt on your hands, assuming any of us could stay vertical long enough to reach you.

Plus, it took about three days for my body to realize that the amount of water I was sucking down did *not* have to be horded against some mysterious impending drought condition.

"Drink and pee and no IV!" (the actual chant of many of the staff).

Weather-wise, Sunday was very pleasant -- taking us through some really pretty residential neighborhoods. Crev and I did a lot of architectural dissection -- talking about house styles, what we liked, and what we didn't like.

We also ran into some enthusiastic walker-stalkers -- the soccer team from St. Leo's college had set up along one of the brick-paved streets. They'd brought popsicles and water, and written encouraging messages to us in sidewalk chalk.

Then when we actually drew even with us, they turned on "Riding Dirty" (the hell?) and started a cheer routine for us. Tres bizarre.

Second cheering station was before lunch -- which was good. This one was very well attended, including [ profile] akasha63, [ profile] kapua23, and some of their brood. It was *so* good to see them, even if we could only stay for a few minutes (not only because of progress, but because the muscles start to seize up if you don't keep moving).

Any of you reading this that might be in one of the remaining walk cities (Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, or San Diego) *please* don't underestimate the effect your presence will have at a cheering station. You may not know anyone walking, or you may only get to spend a couple of minutes with people you *do* know walking -- but just by being there, you're helping keep those people going.

And if you can hand out popsicles or water or ice -- so much the better. Heaven never looked so good.

Lunch was at Crescent Lake Park -- a welcome break. We'd decided to take our time in the afternoon stretch. At our usual pace, we would have reached the finish line *hours* before closing ceremonies, necessitating us waiting.

Better to keep moving.

Funniest part of the afternoon had to have been getting overtaken by the Chicas walking through Snell Isle.

"The Chicas go marching one by one, hurrah! Hurrah!"

Tel *sniffs*: I smell Chicas.

Crev *picking up pace*: Must...go...faster...

Objects in mirror were *definitely* closer than they appeared. :)

We fell behind them and got ahead of them pretty consistently over the last few miles -- but the ultimate irony was that we walked across the finish line directly ahead of them. Almost as though they'd absorbed us at last.

We ended up only having to wait about an hour at the finish line -- during which time we made sure to line up for the last walker in. They make a big deal about the 3 Day not being a race, and to punctuate that the last walker is brought in each day with a great deal of cheering and fanfare.

At the finish line, she came in with a bike escort, a checkered flag, and roses. Very cool.

After waiting, we lined up again to walk to the closing ceremonies, where the tears and pride came again in full (and have been remarked on in other entries). The sick joke part of that hour or so was not that we had to walk to the closing ceremonies -- it was the half-mile we had to walk *after* closing ceremonies to get to the car! *facepalm*

I'm sure there's stuff I've missed in the telling, but that -- in a nutshell (consisting of three really long posts) -- is the weekend that culminated six months of training, stress and preparation.

It was well worth it.

Interestingly enough, I've already gotten an e-mail from the Komen Foundation offering me $30.00 off if I register now for next year.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to let somebody else have the life-changing experiences next year.

Mustn't be greedy.
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Yanno, in a perverse sort of way, it's liberating to have the external validation of your writer's group telling you: "No, it's not just you. Put the project down and back away for a while."

Now I feel like I can tackle it whenever I *feel* like working on it, and I'm not being irresponsible by rereading the Penguin in order to set myself up for NaNo.

Today was a good Telaryn mental health day, but like all Telaryn mental health days it was punctuated by (relatively) minor Dad drama, three calls from my mother and two calls from my daughter. All about fairly inconsequential shit -- hell, the Dad drama was that I told him very calmly that I did not appreciate him yelling at me about his morning medication when I was just trying to help.

Which got translated later to my mother that I was pissed off at him about something he said and stormed out of the house.

I'd almost go wtf?, but it's so commonplace these days that it just rolls off the metaphorical back. You have to go a little insane to do what we do.

And Robin's sinuses are acting up, so she doesn't feel well. Which meant that even though she interrupted me twice at writer's group, she still felt the need to whine at Grandma about "when is Mom coming home?"


So now I'm home, the daughter has been medicated and comforted, and I have heard all the various and sundry adventures of the day.

I'm torn between saying "fuck it" and just going to bed, and curling up with the Penguin. Research. Yeah -- that's what it is. Research. :)
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Had an e-mail waiting for me when I woke up this morning from a "Chet May", saying that he knew a Telaryn at Northwestern who graduated in 1988 and was big into sci-fi. Was I her?

For those of you who are new around here or who might have missed the facts along the way -- I'm *not*, but the Telaryn he's asking about *is* the woman I swiped my screenname from. Not to mention, I graduated in 1989.

Fellow Wildcats -- did we know anyone named Chet May? The name's not really ringing any bells, but it has been nearly twenty years.

Hard to believe it's Friday again -- this week definitely gets filed under, "huh?". Looking back, we've had an ER visit, writing, walking, cleaning, battling an infestation of fruit flies (ongoing), and buying an entire Homecoming ensemble for my fourteen year old.

Yep -- Homecoming tonight. Schedule is going to be IN-SANE. Robin's theoretically got anime' club after school, then the club is marching in the Homecoming parade which starts at 5pm, then the dance is at 8pm. Oy.

Somewhere in there is the game, and I can't see how the football players are supposed to fit in playing and then getting ready for the dance -- let alone anyone else who's planning on doing both.

Yes, there will be pictures (which reminds me -- I need to find the camera, like SOON), both amateur and professional. They're offering a good package with three poses (couple, individual female, individual male) that I proposed we split with Z's family. Lessen the cost, and each family gets a decent batch of professional shots.

I suppose it's no wonder I've been dozing off again in the mornings after getting Robin on the bus and having breakfast. That needs to stop, though. Messes up my head for getting through the rest of the day.
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Yes, my love-hate relationship with my four young mages continues apace. I'm hoping against hope that the Surfer meeting on Sunday will give me the jolt I need to at least get through this latest So-Mo rewrite.

Because...we have NaNo plans looming on the horizon! Plans that I'm excited about! Plans that will roll directly into a virgin query package I can send out immediately! One that if the scuttlebutt from Writercon is any indication, has a decent chance of at the very least getting read.

*cuddles Jason and Diane* I've missed you guys SO much!

I also figured out a personal goal for NaNo word-count wise. Last year I wrote 50,000 words in just under seven days. This year, working in a universe I know as well as I know anything in my life, with characters I know *better* than most things in my life, I think it's reasonable to set a goal of 100,000 words in 30 days or less.

As a means of starting to prepare, I restored all my backups of the Chronicles files today. Spent some time at Choi tonight pouring through them, trying to get a feel for this universe that is *so* different from the Land of Logic and Reason.

It's gonna be fun. :)

Today was interesting. Very me-focused (which is unusual these days). I did the usual -- laundry and general cleaning -- but it was all liberally laced with writing, reading and e-mail exchanges. I also watched another episode of MI.5 -- I'm going through Season One right now, courtesy of Netflix. Interesting show. Very British -- it's almost the British "24", though without the realtime conceit (or Kiefer, more's the pity). They also clearly have no respect for Americans, but I guess that's hardly a surprise.

Don't know if I'm going to keep Season 2 immediately following Season 1, though. I suspect I'm going to need a break in the form of something lighter.

We're fighting a weird sort of fly infestation -- I have to go talk to the property manager tomorrow and see about getting the exterminator out here. They're not houseflies. They look almost like fruit flies, and we just haven't been able to get ahead of them.

Speaking of property managers -- apparently the owners have changed management companies. *snerk* Like that's gonna help. They're also ripping out the landscaping and replacing it -- again. Fifth time in the last eight months. They've also got a bunch of maintenance, cleaning and Brand! New! Renovations! coming on line over the next few weeks.

And meanwhile the units empty out, and I see no one new coming in to take their places. Gonna be damn interesting to see where everything's at by the time our lease is up at the end of March. I suspect we'll be sitting a lot prettier than we thought we were going to a few months ago.
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Got some heavy thoughts bouncing in my head, but basically that's what the weekend boils down to. I got out of here, hung out with my friends, and had *wonderful* (and on program!) food.

Okay, so I had more of [ profile] crevette's barbeque sauce than was probably wise, but being as the stuff could qualify as a beverage it's so good, I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I'm officially down four pounds in the first week of my reunion with Atkins. At least I think it's my first week. Might be first ten days. Definitely not two weeks, because it's only been one ABC Night.

Huh. Anyway, I've lost four pounds since starting. Go me!

Lunch Saturday was with [ profile] tinne, and it was fabulous to just sit and hang out and talk life over a couple of Panera's Bistro Steak salads.

Got home in time to catch my breath, collect Robin, and head out to [ profile] crevette's for OMGWTFBBQ!

And it was *good*. More hanging out and gossiping commenced. I also managed to figure out a way to break our friend G's son out of his self-imposed block against writing. G was worried because T had a three page paper to write on Neptune, and it had been a *major* battle just to get him to list out the facts for the paper.

Well, when I looked at the paper, it was three pages of just facts.

And I had an idea.

Way back in college, when [ profile] grindar and I were dating, I realized that while he was a *brilliant* speaker -- could talk persuasively on any topic for as long as necessary -- he couldn't translate that skill to his papers.

Solution? He would pace my dorm room and talk, and I would type what he said.

Thinking that this technique might help T, I asked him to start telling me about Neptune. He was able to talk for a couple of minutes without any difficulty -- *proving* to me that he knew the subject.

So, I suggested to G that he arrange to record T *talking* about Neptune, and then all T would have to do is go back and transcribe what he said.

We'll see if it works.

The problem with T is that in certain areas he's been fighting against his teachers and his parents for so long that having more of the same battles isn't getting any of them anywhere but thoroughly frustrated.

Telaryn's truism -- when it doubt, don't bang your head against the wall one more time, find a way around it. Here's hoping I did.

Today's been work, work and more work -- laundry, trash collection, changing bed sheets and working in the garage. Interspersed with that has been half an hour writing on "Conscience" (now that the latest bout of stress has been neutralized) sitting on my balcony, and reading the latest Merry Gentry offering "A Stroke of Midnight"...which surprisingly doesn't suck. She's got some plot and pacing issues, but so far it's a really good read and an interesting story.

It's also *not* the size of a small paving stone. I'll probably be done with it by morning.

My biggest argument is that she let the cast of beautiful men grow *way* too large -- I can't even follow most of these Sidhe men, much less give two flying fucks (literally) about them as characters. Even so, she manages some decent character growth for the core gang.

Here's hoping that the library has the book on CD by the time I leave for San Jose. Be kind of funny to drive the west while listening to nothing but Laurell K. Hamilton. :)

Okay, funny in the sense of making my own fun...but still.

History Channel's running an FDR/WWII documentary at 9pm. Robin is actually excited to watch it.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Here's hoping that with Mercury *finally* going direct, the week has a chance of not sucking.
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It's almost stupid how little it takes to make me happy.

American Dreamer on DVD May 3rd!

Thanks to [ profile] fenchurche for the link. American Dreamer is my *favorite* movie of all time, but it's such an obscure little piece I'd pretty much given up on it *ever* being released on DVD. In fact, on my list of things to burn to DVD is the only video copy I know of currently -- held by the local library.

I have never been so excited about a DVD release that I've grabbed it on the first day. Not until now -- May 3rd I am *totally* there!

My mental health afternoon went *very* well. Hung out, got lots of Peri cuddles, and had *wonderful* food for dinner. Peri was hysterically funny -- kept giving me the baby stink-eye: "Are you *sure* you're qualified for this?".

I always get that from babies. Newborns in particular don't trust me at all.

Monkeyboy cracked me up -- wanted to know if I was going to feed Peri. Not thinking, because she *does* take the occasional bottle, I just told him no. He then asked: "Don't your breasts make milk?" It was *so* cute -- he really wanted to know. So Harm and I explained to him that when Mommies didn't have babies anymore, the milk went away. After all, we didn't want to waste it.

And I finally got the patches started for Robin's martial arts top -- one of those things that really doesn't take long in the grand scheme of things, but I'd just been putting off starting.

Got home to find that the envelope I'd been waiting a full week for, that [ profile] razzle and I had *totally* assumed was lost by this time, had arrived. *whew!*

As an extra bonus, Robin and I get to skate out of going to my 2nd cousin's confirmation -- I get along *okay* with that branch of the family, but Robin has *never* enjoyed spending time with their kids.

Luckily for us, we already had plans. So, no annoying family stuff *and* the house to ourselves for an indeterminate amount of time!

Now if I can just hear from New York this weekend, it will be the very happy ending to a thoroughly bi-polar week.
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Off to [ profile] harmonyfb's in a few for a "Mental Health" afternoon. It's been a very wild, very stressful week, and I really need to get away for a bit.

Plus, Robin and Little Tree get some hours together without Monkeyboy interference -- this is *always* to be encouraged.

Very scattered morning. Got a lot I want to get out of my head and down in the old LJ, but my life is just too freaking LOUD right now. I sit down to right, and it's like I want to scream at everybody and everything to STFU!

Problem is, most of the noise is internal right now.

It's an interesting catch-22. I tried to sit down and work on Conscience this morning, and was too stressed to focus.

If I was a little *more* stressed, however, all I'd be able to do is write.

I *have* done about eight loads of laundry in the past twenty-four hours, so at least I have that in my favor. Plus a little bit of cleaning here and there.

Haven't fought with Dad either, but the only way I've managed it is by ignoring a lot of his usual tics. We had a huge row a couple of days ago over him horking into a garbage can and then rummaging around in the garbage a few minutes later for some unknown reason.

I overreacted in my response (did I mention I'm also most likely hormonal?), but I wasn't at all wrong in what I said. He took it badly and played the martyr for most of the day.

He got over it, but now I have to listen to him *swallow* these little phlegm-balls instead of getting rid of them.

So, when he vomits in a couple of days because he's poisoned the contents of his stomach, putting himself into bed and sending his bloodsugar back through the roof, he will have made his point.

I guess.

Mental Health activities are definitely in order. Off to relax I go.
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Blatant plug:

Writercon Scholarship Fund Auction!

Easily disposable cash being at a premium for me, I offered up my writing services to help Writercon supplement people who ordinarily couldn't afford to go to their gathering in Las Vegas at the end of July.

The ad attached to my link is necessarily obscure due to various and sundry legal considerations, but basically what it boils down to is that I'll write you porn set in any fictional televised or movie setting you like. My preference is femmeslash, but I'll conform to whatever pairing you like.

It's for a good cause! Go! Buy my services! ;)
Normally I *hate* rainy and overcast weather. Today it almost seems like the rain and wind have served as a pressure release valve. The world feels "cleaner" for some reason.

I'm just gonna go with it, because I wasn't even that aware of the ick until it passed. Don't know why it was icky, don't know why it's better.

Don't care either.
Everyone who's local to me and reading this needs to check out the new Clearwater Main Library. *WOW*. The previous library had been there as long as I could remember, and this one is so new and fresh and sweet-smelling.

It's truly the jewel they hoped it would be.
Compared my precis to the manuscript, and damn I suck. There are too many significant details in a narrative manuscript -- the similarities between a precis and a step-outline are pretty much theoretical.

I think I have a better plan of attack though. And I started correcting the citations on the "Book of Logic" quotes and reinserting them.

How could I have the equivalent of a trilogy's worth of completed manuscript draft under my belt and not figured out this particular quirk?

Ever learning process, I guess.
Funny moment: I worked some on the manuscript while I was in Joliet last week. To keep the Book of Logic citations and the different Downfalls straight, I had written them out in the notebook [ profile] beeber2 gave me for Yule.

After I was done, I left the notebook open without even thinking about it.

You get the most wonderfully quizzical looks when the unintiated find a list reading:

1. Fornication
2. Indolence
3. Slovenliness
4. Arrogance
5. Mockery

with no other real indication as to what it's referring to. *g*
Had dinner at the Hills last night -- partly to be social, partly so Robin could get in some archery practice.

Sue has gone to the same hairdresser as a bunch of the ABC's, with wicked-cool results. She looks about ten years younger, and like she's got twice as much hair.

The trek home was fun -- the Clearwater PD had shut down the "hill" going by Harborview and heading onto the Causeway while all the stuff was going on in the park.

Which meant that we had to travel the loooooonnnngggg way around to get home.

What they *didn't* bother to tell us was that the bridge was going to be closed in both directions for twenty minutes starting at about 9:25pm for a Cinco de Mayo fireworks display.

Almost exactly when we got across the beach coming in the other direction.


There's a reason why rent on Island Estates is more reasonable than you'd think for beach property.

Last night was it.
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Sleep deprivation is always an interesting thing, and Dragoncon by its very nature has more than most of it. Luckily I stood my ground (along with [ profile] laughingimp and [ profile] harmonyfb), and insisted that we stop at the half-way point of the trip home and get a real night's sleep.

Otherwise it would be another day for me to recover. Possibly more.

I'm starting to feel normal again. Of course to get to that state I took a two hour nap yesterday afternoon and got eight hours of sleep last night.

You do what you have to, although I felt bad that I just wasn't up for playing a board game with Robin. I'll make it up to her. I just couldn't do it last night.

Played my new Brobdignagian Bards CD for her on our way to go pick up her medicine and I think I made them a new fan. Not a lot of humor on it, which means I'll have to play her "A Faire To Remember" so she has a better idea why I love them. This is not a problem.

She did comment that [ profile] crevette should hear their Legolas song, so I'll probably haul it along to ABC's tonight.

Yesterday was an interesting blend of my temper and her lack of ability to focus on anything or follow any task through to completion. By the end of the day we both agreed that getting back on schedule was going to be a good thing for each of us.

She also wanted to know when we could get our own copy of "Munchkin". [ profile] laughingimp, I think I can safely say it was a hit. *g*

More Dragoncon will be just takes a while for everything to sort itself out.
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Little Dude is mad as hell at the way his routine's been fucked with, and as of today he's not going to take it any more. may find yourself with a toddler strike when you get home. *g*
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Why? Because I have an ear infection, of course!

First step when you get an illness you can't ignore and you have no insurance (and well, you're me)? You start pumping Vitamin C like it's going out of style.

If things still hurt in the morning, it's time for the peroxide. *sigh*

On the better side of today, I got started catching up on laundry, packed a bin of Mom and Dad's crap, put stuff out for the garage sale, and had a long and luxurious lunch with good, *good* friends. Happy stuff.

I also got a page and a half written on Chapter 9 at karate this morning, even *with* Sue reading over my shoulder. It was annoying, yes, but not enough to make a stink about it. Sue was doing the Jekyll/Hyde thing -- totally different today from the way she was sans hubby and kids last night at coffee.

Robin appears to be doing much better. We'll see if she 'fesses anything to Russ, but I suspect based on how she was handling things during class that the planned course of treatment may actually in and of itself be relaxing her. She seems to have convinced herself that "Mom and Dad are on it -- they have a plan that will help me fix this -- I can stop being so afraid".

I sincerely hope it's something along those lines. I'm actually dreading what she could do in the way of stressing when she finds out that her blood draw is Tuesday morning.

This week is going to be overwhelmed with getting stuff ready for the garage sale, but I've got to set the counselling appointments *and* get going on Robin's school plan for next year, finalizing things and getting all our ducks in a row.

*And* I'm watching [personal profile] harmonyfb's youngest two days (at least I *think* it's two days).

Busy, busy, busy -- I'm looking forward to the quiet when Mom and Dad are gone for two weeks. Over Samhain yet -- what better New Year's gift could I get? *g*


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