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College level.

She tested at college level.


She tested at 10th grade level for math.

So much for my stressing that I'd done a bad job this year.

There really is no shock like an examiner telling you not to waste your time pursuing a middle school gifted placement for your child because she may, in fact, be too smart for even the IB program.

Excuse me -- I'll be over in the corner quietly freaking out.

Once again, it's been a hell of a day.
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Las Vegas (the show not the city) last night was very, very pretty. Unfortunately for [ profile] harmonyfb, I didn't manage to rouse myself in time to tell her to turn it on until *after* the hottest scenes between Christen Kane and Marsha Thompson.

*fans self* I know he probably had serious choreography and tons of rehearsal for that scene in the dance club, but there are few things more attractive to me than a man who can dance and look like he's really enjoying himself while he does it.

I went through yesterday feeling like my brain was shut off. School went well up until math -- I'm currently trying to puzzle out exactly *why* Robin isn't getting the basic geometry we're doing right now as easily as the rest of the math we've been doing up until this date.

I'm not going to panic until I check her homework this morning and see how she's doing. This could all be a post-trip fog. Probably is, in fact, but geometry is one of those things I will do whatever it takes to make sure she can get through without incident.

She's also in the group doing the best in rehearsals for the Maypole dance at Northward. And I finally asked the music teacher if anyone objected to the dance on religious grounds. She's the same music teacher who included Jack Skellington's song in the Holiday concert, so I figured I was on safe ground.

She said no, and kind of laughed it off. I followed it up by saying that I was frankly surprised that everyone was so enthusiastic about having the students closest to adolescence performing a major Pagan fertility rite. I thought it spoke very highly of the administration's open-mindedness ;)

She actually paled right in front of me. "I never thought about it that way."

In other news, Dad was in such good health and humor yesterday that I was able to get stuff done yesterday afternoon that *didn't* involve keeping him company.

And I got three more pages written on my precis. I'm definitely going over ten pages on the first pass, but there are plenty of places in the first seven pages I can cut way down.

Today in Social Studies, thanks to [ profile] crevette, we're putting a final punctuation on our study of Communist China by reading those Doonesbury strips from the 1970's that took place in the People's Republic. Robin should love Honey's account of how she carried out Mao's instructions to tear down the Great Wall (and then later in the week put it back together again).
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Robin and I were both rested starting the school day, I had prepared, communication was nice and strong between us...everything I've hoped for in the whole homeschooling process!


Social Studies was particularly fulfilling. We did a feedback check last week where I asked her what she still felt shaky on. One of the things she mentioned was that she was having problems retaining dates in Social Studies. It's a skill I'd like her to get sooner rather than later.

So, we started creating a timeline of the dates we've reviewed so far. After we were finished, we hung it on the bedroom door. Now every time she leaves or comes in, she'll see the dates and *hopefully* eventually they will stick.

Then it was on to the Constitution, and I really feel like I'm going at the right pace. We covered the purpose of the Constitution as laid out in the Preamble, and the areas laid out by each of the Articles. Robin practiced taking notes, and we had good discussion.

We'll go into more detail article by article, starting tomorrow.

*happy sigh* A little focus can yield really wonderful results sometimes.


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