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I might need your plot bunny icon after all.

This is apparently what my brain does when it's faced with "Leverage", "Chuck", and "crossovers", it's pushing 1am, I've been at a con all weekend, and I'm racing to get my [ profile] leverageland gift giving done. (Yes, [ profile] hickumu, it's okay for you to click.)


And now I kinda want to see where it takes me...*g*
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My card... )

Let the depressive fic writing begin!
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I think it says something very profound that upon finding out it's apparently "Quote Your Own Fic" day, and taking into account how tired I am right now, that I *still* can't bring myself to post a snippet of my early Suefic.

I mean, I just opened up the file with the Oak Ridge Boys fanfic in it. Figured that if I'm ever going to be oblivious enough to unleash this horror on an unsuspecting public, it would be tonight.


Even this tired I *still* can't read it without cringing in abject horror. Even though I was eleven, I still feel like I should have known better.

Necro report tomorrow, when my eyes aren't crossed from crunching numbers. Suffice it to say, the experiment was successful.
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And yes, I'm sufficiently weirded out at the sense of perverse pride I'm feeling watching [ profile] crevette do a full body squick. :)

Okay. How many warnings do I need to slap on this puppy anyway?

Pirates of the Carribean 2; Will/Davy Jones; NC-17; rape; m/m; hurt/no comfort; humiliation; possible spoilers for DMC -- in short, people -- this is tentacle porn. You click at your own risk. )


9/7/06 12:57
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I made [ profile] crevette go *squish*. Twice.

Oh get your minds out of the gutter -- we were fangirling "Dead Man's Chest", of course!

Spoilers Ahoy! )

In the meantime -- anyone have an industrial strength spray to help me get rid of this plot bunny from the NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL?!?!?!?!?!
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I normally don't post fic recs, but this one is special. Penned by [ profile] juliefortune, based off a one paragraph description by Tim Minear of a proposed Firefly ep that the network nixed as "too dark".

Firefly Fic -- "Ice in Crystal"

Link goes to part one.

Julie warns readers to have chocolate standing by -- she ain't kidding. Angst-factor is OFF THE CHARTS!!

Go. Read. Now.
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Blatant plug:

Writercon Scholarship Fund Auction!

Easily disposable cash being at a premium for me, I offered up my writing services to help Writercon supplement people who ordinarily couldn't afford to go to their gathering in Las Vegas at the end of July.

The ad attached to my link is necessarily obscure due to various and sundry legal considerations, but basically what it boils down to is that I'll write you porn set in any fictional televised or movie setting you like. My preference is femmeslash, but I'll conform to whatever pairing you like.

It's for a good cause! Go! Buy my services! ;)
Normally I *hate* rainy and overcast weather. Today it almost seems like the rain and wind have served as a pressure release valve. The world feels "cleaner" for some reason.

I'm just gonna go with it, because I wasn't even that aware of the ick until it passed. Don't know why it was icky, don't know why it's better.

Don't care either.
Everyone who's local to me and reading this needs to check out the new Clearwater Main Library. *WOW*. The previous library had been there as long as I could remember, and this one is so new and fresh and sweet-smelling.

It's truly the jewel they hoped it would be.
Compared my precis to the manuscript, and damn I suck. There are too many significant details in a narrative manuscript -- the similarities between a precis and a step-outline are pretty much theoretical.

I think I have a better plan of attack though. And I started correcting the citations on the "Book of Logic" quotes and reinserting them.

How could I have the equivalent of a trilogy's worth of completed manuscript draft under my belt and not figured out this particular quirk?

Ever learning process, I guess.
Funny moment: I worked some on the manuscript while I was in Joliet last week. To keep the Book of Logic citations and the different Downfalls straight, I had written them out in the notebook [ profile] beeber2 gave me for Yule.

After I was done, I left the notebook open without even thinking about it.

You get the most wonderfully quizzical looks when the unintiated find a list reading:

1. Fornication
2. Indolence
3. Slovenliness
4. Arrogance
5. Mockery

with no other real indication as to what it's referring to. *g*
Had dinner at the Hills last night -- partly to be social, partly so Robin could get in some archery practice.

Sue has gone to the same hairdresser as a bunch of the ABC's, with wicked-cool results. She looks about ten years younger, and like she's got twice as much hair.

The trek home was fun -- the Clearwater PD had shut down the "hill" going by Harborview and heading onto the Causeway while all the stuff was going on in the park.

Which meant that we had to travel the loooooonnnngggg way around to get home.

What they *didn't* bother to tell us was that the bridge was going to be closed in both directions for twenty minutes starting at about 9:25pm for a Cinco de Mayo fireworks display.

Almost exactly when we got across the beach coming in the other direction.


There's a reason why rent on Island Estates is more reasonable than you'd think for beach property.

Last night was it.