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To All My Familial Lurkers:

Now that events of the past week are, well, past...I'm going to be starting to gradually make this a public blog once again. And as such, I really need to ask that you leave this site alone. I've built a community of friends here who have supported me unwaveringly through *all* the tough times of the past year here...and I need to be free and comfortable to talk to them in my own fashion.

There will be *nothing* posted publically about anything having to do with anyone in the family aside from Robin (and even that may not end up being the case...I don't know). All you're going to read here are fannish ramblings, rants on society, discussion of the mundanities of my life, and things that are solely of interest to me.

You'll also see further evidence that your sister/niece/cousin is somewhat of a freak -- but I promise you that hasn't changed one iota in the past year.

I think we've all learned a lot about each other in the past year, and I hope part of what you've learned about me is that I really have *no* problems answering any questions you have about anything I might have said or hinted at. Let's leave our interactions in the real world, where familial interactions belong.
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Click at your own risk.

The link goes to Fandom Wank. It's not Crystal Wank -- the wank that ate teh intrawebs -- but it proves beyond any lingering doubt that the Harry Potter fandom pwns! when it comes to bringing the batshit insane to the yard.

*cackles evilly*

Edit: I linked it to the first cut, accidentally. After you click (because you know you're gonna), scroll up to the top to begin reading.
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First of all: *glomps f-list*

Seriously -- you guys are the best! Thank you *so* much for the support and insight. Thank you those who called to check on me as well as those who commented.

I'm okay. Really. Not only because of you guys, but because none of what happened yesterday has any bearing on reality. He's the one sibling I have who hasn't bothered to ask, call or check up and find out what's really going on -- how can I possibly take his opinion of things seriously?

Was I indiscreet in what I said? Yeah -- I'll own that. Have I been indiscreet in what I've posted here in the past?

Yeah. I'll own that too.

Am I likely to be indiscreet about what I say in the future? I could say I hope not, but...well...probably.

The important thing to remember at all times is that this is *my* place to vent and express my opinion about my life and the people in it. A lot of the more personal stuff is restricted access -- most of what I write isn't.

You come here, you read my shit, you take your chances on what you might find. Normal, sane human beings *ask* if they want clarification, further details, or are troubled by something I said. Suprisingly enough, I do actually have a code of ethics on how I deal with talking about other people in public posts -- most of the time if you don't want me expressing my opinion about you to the entire internet I will at the *very* least restrict access to it.

Normal, sane human beings *ask*. They don't stew and then attack. That way lies drama, and we don't do that here.

To that end, [ profile] uselessbrother is now banned. Any further sockpuppets traceable to that particular sibling will be banned as well, without engaging them in any sort of discussion whatsoever. If he wants to communicate with me on any subject, he can follow the rest of our siblings' lead and pick up the fucking phone.

All comment threads responding to [ profile] uselessbrother's screed have been frozen, and I would consider it a personal favor if you guys wouldn't add anything to them anymore.

*sprays Febreze with Pet Odor Controlling Enzyme around to get rid of smell*

It's a new day. It's Friday! I'm leaving for San Diego in a matter of days. There is porn to write, fangirling to do, and lots and lots of navel-gazing.

But first? Shower.


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