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Ayiee!! Supernatural S3 is out on DVD! *flails*

If nothing else, this means I can start clearing episodes off the DVR. Which hey – with S4 starting on the 18th, huge plus!

In other news, I have to believe that when your manager calls apologizing for potentially calling too early – it’s a good thing when you can tell him you’re already on site. Even if it means he’s out of luck for you doing the favor he needs. *g*

Memo to Firefox: You know, if you read porn on the Interwebs, your new feature where you go into more specific detail about websites on your pull-down menu pretty much bites. Hard. And not in the good way either.

Still got lots to record about Dragoncon…it was a hell of a weekend. As I commented many times on Monday, the convention pretty much wined me, dined me, bought me pretty things, and then dragged me out back, beat me up and took my wallet.

Am I going back for a rematch next year? Hell yeah! If this is a convention I have to train for, so be it.

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2/9/08 15:48
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or, "if my hand ends up in your crotch, I apologize in advance."


Got home about an hour and a half ago from the first Dragoncon in nine years where I played instead of working my ass off. This? Is a convention you need to train for. I walked endless miles, got seriously dehydrated, ran the emotional gamut from bliss to devastation, and in retrospect wouldn't trade a bit of it for anything.

Okay, strike that. If I could do it *without* the stupid drunks at the Pirate Party (not the two captains that might be reading this you understand...the *stupid* drunks), I would happily make that trade.

And actually getting to *sing* karaoke. Next year I think I want to check out Klingon Karaoke. There might not be sake', but getting to sing would be less complicated. (And this is not a slam on your organization skills, [ profile] happygoth, so *shh*! Shit happens, particularly when you're trying to herd cats.)

The most overwhelming part of the weekend was undoubtedly the freedom. [ profile] laughingimp and I went to a concert Thursday night featuring the Rum Runners and Emerald Rose, and sitting there listening to Queen of Argyll I started to cry. Emerald Rose's music is so powerfully beautiful under ordinary circumstances - but sitting there with [ profile] laughingimp and [ profile] bard_wench I couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing or anyone I'd rather be doing it with.

I was blissfully happy. And based on how the rest of the weekend spun out, this is apparently an emotion I'm still somewhat leery of trusting. A point which was driven home on Monday - *again* by Emerald Rose - during their last concourse show. "Freya Shakti" set me off on another round of tears...culminating in a rather profound (for me) spiritual experience.

Now I just need to figure out if the lesson will stick this time, or if I'm still riding the Goddess' short bus.

(More later...I promise. Things are just getting a little distracting around here right now.)
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*whine* But I don’t want to listen to the replay of yesterday’s meeting!

Seriously…for loving my job as much as I do, I’ve been doing some whining about it this week. Mornings are just hard. I don’t want to spend the money or the calories on Starbucks on the way in, but I haven’t been good at all about getting real, honest-to-goodness sleep this week. Initially I was trying, but I was at that point of being *so* overtired that sleep was impossible.

Later on in the week, I just quit pretending. That’s what the weekend’s for, right?

No club night at least. There’s a huge trade show in town (which could be interesting to check out), and E decided it wasn’t worth having people set up to vend. He’s still doing the regular second Saturday thing, but it’s going to be more of a “meet and greet” party than the usual gig. At least that’s what he told me last time I checked in with him…I should probably give him a call just to touch base, but excessive communication with people has definitely been filed under “too much effort” this week.

D*Con talk flying fast and furious. Can. Not. Wait! Any of you off my f-list that are attending (that don’t already know this), I can be easily tracked down during the day at the Offworld Designs t-shirt booth. We’re in the regular dealer’s room, not the hoity-toity “exhibitors hall”. I’d tell you precisely where, but as everything is relocating to the Hilton this year I really don’t know where we’re positioned precisely. Just look for the biggest t-shirt display in the room and the completely over-caffeinated, short-haired salesperson handling anywhere from between one and five customers simultaneously. I probably won’t be able to do much more than say “hi” and try and sell you a t-shirt, but I *love* being able to put faces to LJ handles! Stop by!

Not entirely sure what’s going on this weekend, which is both surprising and weird. My weekends have been at least partially set in stone for so long, this is definitely going to be something different. One thing I do know is that Robin is turning FIFTEEN on Sunday.

Fifteen. That’s like a real age and everything. Age to be reckoned with. A mere three years standing between her and adulthood. Between her and high school graduation. Between her and college. Between…

Okay, I’d better stop before [ profile] grindar goes catatonic.
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- Summer Glau cannot be real. No way. She's a tiny porcelain doll Joss picked up off a music box assembly line and took to a necromancer or some such thing to make her live.

- I am *very* grateful that with my penchant for forgetting lyrics and singing off-key when singing a capella that I didn't do *either* when singing a snippet of "Gonzo's Song" for Andrew. Most embarrassing to sound like a frog with laryngitis when singing for a musician.

- Jessica handing me the end of her leash on Saturday and the subsequent reactions of the guys around us was *priceless*.

- Shandy hugs are a good, good thing.

- Best costumes seen: Mayor McCheese, the Thriller Zombies (complete with soundtrack), Darth Brooks (think about it!), the Cardboard Stormtrooper squadron, and the Atlanta police officer working crowd control with a sign on his uniform reading: "Yes, I know. It's a really cool costume. Ha. Ha. Ha."

- The Bards sharing a platform with a YOOOGE Jabba the Hutt to sing "The Jedi Drinking Song" and all the subsequent jokes that resulted.

- Realizing that [ profile] ennui_boy actually does respect me and my abilities as a co-worker was sort of surreal and really nice. I mean, we've always had a friendly relationship...I guess I just never noticed that respect had also crept into the equation.

- Conversation with [ profile] loganstone on the sub-level Saturday night. Nothing in particular -- just knowing each other long enough to be able to converse comfortably is really, really cool.

- The Yule Ball. Danced my ASS off. Loved how Emerald Rose played up the Harry Potter angle, from [ profile] kingofthewho's wizard's hat (still a startlingly good look for him) to [ profile] loganstone's school announcements and rock star finish ("Thank you Hogwarts!").

- Getting to talk with Kate Vernon, and reassuring her that the cold shoulder she was getting from some fans (not all, mind you, but enough that she commented on it) was *so* not the whole picture.

- Acquiring a Network 23 patch for my Geek Coat! w00t! This pleases me most mightily.

I'm also wondering which Emerald Rose (it *was* Emerald Rose, right [ profile] chloegoth?) member ran afoul of the strategically placed leaf blower on Sunday night. :)

Anyone care to enlighten me? *evil grin*

So much more later...
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Yanno, this was the first weekend I'd ever heard Dragoncon referred to as a "science fiction Mardi Gras".

It's so true. The convention is definitely on the verge of reaching a new level of "over-the-topness". As I mentioned on [ profile] marcgunn's LJ, I hope that with the hotel rearranging going on between now and this year, those in charge will take a serious look at some changes that are going to *have* to happen if this thing is going to continue to run as smoothly as it has in the past.

This isn't to say it wasn't fun, crazy, and *precisely* the sort of weekend I needed. :)

Got to meet [ profile] mythandra and [ profile] tiaralynn a couple of times briefly...and made a pretty crappy impression when I had to chase them away from the table on Sunday (Saturday? Don't remember). Didn't want to do it, but we were *drowning* in customers Saturday and Sunday. Needed every single hand.

I promise guys -- away from work, I'm not nearly such an overstressed bitch! I hope to be able to hang out with you sometime in the future and prove it. :)

The bulk of the weekend was spent hanging out with [ profile] chloegoth, [ profile] sgdragoon, and [ profile] laughingimp (natch *g*). The four of us hanging out is *so* comfortable and fun -- although once again I was struck by the fact that [ profile] chloegoth and I will chatter on endlessly about everything under the sun -- and then I realize that neither of the guys has said a word in about half an hour.

And then I feel self-conscious. :) Not necessarily in a bad way -- Imp has assured me repeatedly that it's not an issue (and I *do* believe him, ftr) -- but it happens all the same.

The other great part was the music -- hanging out with the Bards and various members of Emerald Rose, in addition to going to many shows featuring both. They're all such incredible people, and even though we see each other only a few times a year, the time we *do* spend together is very, very good for my emotional health.

Lots and lots of highlight-memories crowding the old brain, but I feel like they deserve their own separate post (not to mention I have to go meet Robin at the bus stop in about ten minutes).

So...hopefully (assuming I can stay focused long enough to pull it off), more later!
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Robin and I just got back from seeing "Freaky Friday". *sigh* Good movie.

What is it with Disney and their remakes lately? They don't suck! They should!

Ah well -- going to count my blessings and be done with it.
In all my post Dragoncon meanderings, I don't think I mentioned that Robin has contacts! It's so weird.

It's not like we haven't seen her without her glasses before, but I think [ profile] grindar nailed it when he noted that it makes a huge difference to see her eyes focusing without the glasses. She really does have pretty eyes. *parental gleam*

And just in time for the big National Choi Kwang Do seminar. That was seriously going to suck to get the chance to train with the grand master of the order and not be able to see what he was doing!

The demo team got to perform at the seminar, and hoo boy did they rock! They also made a huge impression because the team from the Michigan school that performed is mostly adults and all first degree black belts or higher.

Our team is *all* 14 and under, and Robin is the *only* black belt.

In other demo team news, I think I may have gotten their coach interested in the idea of a routine set to the Cruxshadows' "Resist/r". I think it would be *fabulous* -- will record developments as they happen.
Probably the most outstanding part of Dragoncon was the people I got to meet. I had already met [ profile] anniesj, [ profile] wisteria_, and [ profile] elfgirl previously, but it's always great to see them. Next time, though, I want to do something more substantial to help [ profile] elfgirl have a good time. You about broke my heart with how tired you looked, girlfriend!

New meets including the ever-exciting and fabulously snarky [ profile] ginmar. I swear Gin is a reincarnation of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, or one of the classic 1940's "ballsy dames". She is a lady who takes no shit from *anyone*, and gives wonderful, wonderful snark -- even *without* alcohol.

[ profile] hazel75 won my love the second she mentioned Weeza Boudrow from "Steel Magnolias". Everything after that was just gravy. Waylon Jennings, *real* Country music, karaoke -- I swear I'm going to be hiding out at her house next time I'm in Atlanta for a family get-together. *g*

And then there was [ profile] chloegoth. If there was a cooler, classier lady at Dragoncon, *I* certainly never met her. Gracious, friendly, and with a talent for subtle snark that I thoroughly envy. My snark tends to be more sledgehammer level.

And she's a Laurel Hamilton fan! Who swings towards the lycanthropes! I think by the look on the guys' faces Sunday night, we were probably quite the silly looking fangirls, but that's okay. It's so rare to find an Anita Blake fan that isn't totally Jean Claude's bitch! It *must* be acknowledged and celebrated!

Of course I also have to get her hooked on the Princess Meredith books now. *g*
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Sleep deprivation is always an interesting thing, and Dragoncon by its very nature has more than most of it. Luckily I stood my ground (along with [ profile] laughingimp and [ profile] harmonyfb), and insisted that we stop at the half-way point of the trip home and get a real night's sleep.

Otherwise it would be another day for me to recover. Possibly more.

I'm starting to feel normal again. Of course to get to that state I took a two hour nap yesterday afternoon and got eight hours of sleep last night.

You do what you have to, although I felt bad that I just wasn't up for playing a board game with Robin. I'll make it up to her. I just couldn't do it last night.

Played my new Brobdignagian Bards CD for her on our way to go pick up her medicine and I think I made them a new fan. Not a lot of humor on it, which means I'll have to play her "A Faire To Remember" so she has a better idea why I love them. This is not a problem.

She did comment that [ profile] crevette should hear their Legolas song, so I'll probably haul it along to ABC's tonight.

Yesterday was an interesting blend of my temper and her lack of ability to focus on anything or follow any task through to completion. By the end of the day we both agreed that getting back on schedule was going to be a good thing for each of us.

She also wanted to know when we could get our own copy of "Munchkin". [ profile] laughingimp, I think I can safely say it was a hit. *g*

More Dragoncon will be just takes a while for everything to sort itself out.