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The quirks of this disease are seemingly endless.

Fact: Diabetics who've been diabetic for many years can have something called a "vitreous hemhorage < sp? >" in their eyes.

What this is is a spontaneous tear in one of the interior veins of the eye. Apparently as long as the retina hasn't torn or detatched as well, it's easy to fix with a series of laser treatments and sleeping with your head elevated. (It actually sounds like what [ profile] grindar's and my ex was treated for ages ago).

Of course the fun comes when the person suffering from this is incapable of effectively describing what they are suffering from, leading you to believe for a couple of days that all he's done is either get something in his eye or not cleaned his glasses sufficiently. *facepalm*

Not how I planned to spend my afternoon -- but I'm very grateful it wasn't worse.
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Off to [ profile] harmonyfb's in a few for a "Mental Health" afternoon. It's been a very wild, very stressful week, and I really need to get away for a bit.

Plus, Robin and Little Tree get some hours together without Monkeyboy interference -- this is *always* to be encouraged.

Very scattered morning. Got a lot I want to get out of my head and down in the old LJ, but my life is just too freaking LOUD right now. I sit down to right, and it's like I want to scream at everybody and everything to STFU!

Problem is, most of the noise is internal right now.

It's an interesting catch-22. I tried to sit down and work on Conscience this morning, and was too stressed to focus.

If I was a little *more* stressed, however, all I'd be able to do is write.

I *have* done about eight loads of laundry in the past twenty-four hours, so at least I have that in my favor. Plus a little bit of cleaning here and there.

Haven't fought with Dad either, but the only way I've managed it is by ignoring a lot of his usual tics. We had a huge row a couple of days ago over him horking into a garbage can and then rummaging around in the garbage a few minutes later for some unknown reason.

I overreacted in my response (did I mention I'm also most likely hormonal?), but I wasn't at all wrong in what I said. He took it badly and played the martyr for most of the day.

He got over it, but now I have to listen to him *swallow* these little phlegm-balls instead of getting rid of them.

So, when he vomits in a couple of days because he's poisoned the contents of his stomach, putting himself into bed and sending his bloodsugar back through the roof, he will have made his point.

I guess.

Mental Health activities are definitely in order. Off to relax I go.
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Las Vegas (the show not the city) last night was very, very pretty. Unfortunately for [ profile] harmonyfb, I didn't manage to rouse myself in time to tell her to turn it on until *after* the hottest scenes between Christen Kane and Marsha Thompson.

*fans self* I know he probably had serious choreography and tons of rehearsal for that scene in the dance club, but there are few things more attractive to me than a man who can dance and look like he's really enjoying himself while he does it.

I went through yesterday feeling like my brain was shut off. School went well up until math -- I'm currently trying to puzzle out exactly *why* Robin isn't getting the basic geometry we're doing right now as easily as the rest of the math we've been doing up until this date.

I'm not going to panic until I check her homework this morning and see how she's doing. This could all be a post-trip fog. Probably is, in fact, but geometry is one of those things I will do whatever it takes to make sure she can get through without incident.

She's also in the group doing the best in rehearsals for the Maypole dance at Northward. And I finally asked the music teacher if anyone objected to the dance on religious grounds. She's the same music teacher who included Jack Skellington's song in the Holiday concert, so I figured I was on safe ground.

She said no, and kind of laughed it off. I followed it up by saying that I was frankly surprised that everyone was so enthusiastic about having the students closest to adolescence performing a major Pagan fertility rite. I thought it spoke very highly of the administration's open-mindedness ;)

She actually paled right in front of me. "I never thought about it that way."

In other news, Dad was in such good health and humor yesterday that I was able to get stuff done yesterday afternoon that *didn't* involve keeping him company.

And I got three more pages written on my precis. I'm definitely going over ten pages on the first pass, but there are plenty of places in the first seven pages I can cut way down.

Today in Social Studies, thanks to [ profile] crevette, we're putting a final punctuation on our study of Communist China by reading those Doonesbury strips from the 1970's that took place in the People's Republic. Robin should love Honey's account of how she carried out Mao's instructions to tear down the Great Wall (and then later in the week put it back together again).
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No, it's not about Dragoncon. It's about something that happened yesterday that I *think* may mean a suggestion I made that Mom took yielded osmething awesome.

Dad's podiatrist gave him a prescription for Elovil.

Now before you wonder, as I did, what a podiatrist is doing giving out prescription for anti-depressants, you have to realize that this podiatrist is a close friend of Dad's endocrinologist.

The same endocrinologist I convinced Mom to confide in about Dad's behavior recently. Now the endocrinologist is also a close friend of Dad's, so any suggestion from *him* about needing anti-depressants probably wouldn't have been received well at all.

Dad doesn't really know the podiatrist, though.

In addition, they're getting his feet corrected (FINALLY!), and Mom said that he's been really nice this past weekend. She thinks that a lot of his bad attitude may have been due to the fact that he was in a lot of pain and didn't have the focus to be able to say something about it or even realize that it was fixable.
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Making a delivery to [personal profile] tinne at lunch time.

BTVS tapes and alcohol.

Some would say one should not be experienced without the other. *snerk*

In other news, the quest for fodder for the garage sale to end all garage sales continues. Lest you folks think [personal profile] tinne is the only one receiving alcohol, just wait. I believe before the weekend is over I'll have goodies for most of the local folk.

Dad insisted on hauling the recycling bin to the curb himself this morning. I think it's really been bothering him the last several weeks that the bin's too heavy for him and not me. Male pride takes strange forms sometimes, and his has been overdosing on steroids for years.

Basically the rationale went that because my 34 year old body is capable of lifting that bin, his 73 year old body should be able to as well.

He's currently in bed, sound asleep.

We started Robin on the Zoloft this morning. Her bloodwork came back totally normal, which is a good thing to know outside of the psych stuff. She actually was able to swallow the pill...half pill actually, but the sucker's small enough that I don't think she'll have *any* problems with the full dose when we work up to that.

Now I just need to coordinate counselling appointments.

And Amy & Co. arrive tomorrow.


I asked for motivation. I asked for productivity.

I'm just gonna keep repeating that until we're out of here. *g*
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Okay, is it coincidence that my life kicks into high gear when I'm trying to come down with some sort of ick, or am I just less able to deal with the normal shit?

Tomorrow should be fun. I fixed my Tuesday conflict for watching [personal profile] harmonyfb's youngest, but I have to be able to balance helping Dad finish putting the pay request package together while I do it.

Not that I believe even remotely that the entire package will be ready for me to put my finishing touches on until tomorrow afternoon *anyway* -- much less be ready to fax to California, *OR* overnight, but if I'm not in the house awaiting his every whim, I'll hear about it. @@

*snerk* Not like this is going to stop me from doing what needs doing. I will help him every way I can, but one way or another, Dad is going to get it through his lead skull that he is *not* the ruler of all he surveys anymore.

More vitamin C. Must drink more vitamin C.
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::sigh:: Better day so far. A little frustrating trying to coordinate Dad's doctor's appointment with my regular lunch meeting, but hopefully Mom and Dad understand now that I'm okay cancelling or postponing for something like a doctor's appointment that happens once every SIX MONTHS. Yikes.

Got the HL books caught up to date. Damn we're bringing in respectable money for a part-time business venture. Nothing anywhere near where we can take off and do it full time, but it's taking noticeable pressure off.

On the unhappy (okay, whiny petulant child) side of things, this appears to be my week for getting the shit kicked out of my ego. I hadn't realized just how comfortably arrogant I'd gotten about some things...won't make *that* mistake again any time soon.

Between the two major butt-kickings, I think I'm *most* embarrassed about letting myself get affected empathically by someone else's stress levels...that's a mistake I haven't made in so long I can't even remember the last time it happened. Nothing like realizing the headache you're nursing isn't even yours to make you feel like a seriously inept moron.

Ah well -- live, learn, and think twice (or even thrice) before offering opinions.

Buffy and 24 finales tonight! I'm psyched, and I know Robin's going to be thrilled -- no more incognito Mom on Tuesday nights.