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I just cut 2000 words out of "Convicted".

It was a mercy killing -- don't get me wrong.

Even so, I think I may have lost my mind.
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"Convicted in Absentia":

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
56,383 / 100,000

That's over 3000 words today. I'm satisfied.

Of course today *was* supposed to be a day of backing off the writing in order to pack for our trip tomorrow. *facepalm* I'm so pathetically predictable sometimes.

I did want to mention a discussion I got into another LJ and some thoughts that other comments stirred up. The discussion was about the feminization of heroines -- specifically a lot of the heroines she listed were media heroines of the 90's and 00's. The question was, are the women disempowered at some point by the audience being reminded that they are women through the process of making them mothers? (I'm paraphrasing, probably badly, but I think I'm getting the point across).

Well anyway, after pointing out that the women cited (specifically Scully, Sydney Bristow, Aeryn Sun, Starbuck, and Xena) in most ways became *more* badass after having a child, I made the somewhat bold, obviously pre-caffeinated statement that "the ultimate expression of our humanity is our ability to choose the direction of our lives. The ultimate expression of our gender as women is the ability to bear children." I did qualify it by distinguishing between ability and the actual bearing of children.

But once the caffeine kicked in (and I read some of the other perspectives), it got me thinking. In making a statement like that, I'm coming from an admitted bias of experience. I have a child.

However -- I have several childfree-by-choice women on my friends list. I have several mothers. I have women who are going through hell in the hopes that they might someday conceive.

In making the statement I did, am I saying that they're "not real women"? I hope I'm not. Intellectually it's not what I intended at all. But in reducing the gender question to an issue of plumbing, am I being shortsighted?

I find myself curiously unable to step outside the bias of my own experience on this one. So I'm throwing it out to anyone who wants to chew over it. What defines us as women? Is this a question that's important to answer? Should it be the same for everyone?

Is woman a word that has to have a specific base definition or it loses meaning?

I also want to chew over the heroine question some more, but whoa-tired and whoa-behind on packing. Will try later -- should be fun after eight hours of driving!
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But a respectable word count nonetheless.

"Convicted in Absentia":

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
46,015 / 100,000

Should reach the NaNo mark this morning. Starbucks was very busy and very noisy last night, but there's something about music piped through headphones that can typically help me focus in and block everything else out.


Of course for a change, it wasn't the writing that kept me up late last night. I know I've been kind of quiet on the BSG commentary front, but it hasn't been for lack of watching.

Last night's episode seems to have resonated differently with a lot of the usual suspects. Me? I'm stupidly giggly over the fact that Sci-Fi slapped a "Mature Subject Matter" warning on the show! When a show that's dealt with everything this one has picks *this* episode to slap a warning on...that's amusing.

Here be spoilers! )

Based on the promos for next week, I'm probably going to hate the episode. *sigh*
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Oh how I've missed you!

"Convicted in Absentia":

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
42,879 / 100,000

As I said over on [ profile] nanonov, with luck and a few hours at Starbucks, I *should* pass the NaNo mark today. If not, definitely tomorrow.

50K in 10-11 days? I'll take that. Particularly when a lot of the past week has been devoted to rewriting/polishing the first couple of chapters. I know, I know -- not supposed to do that during NaNo (and I wouldn't recommend it for most people) -- but at the pace I've been setting, I don't think it's really going to hurt my ability to complete this thing on time.

Plus, I want to be able to have the first three chapters ready to go out in a query package by November 30 -- which means editing/polishing. Luckily it hasn't required much -- my characters are all in a cooperative mood and more than ready to party.

The big challenge on the horizon story-wise is that I've had to write in two additional characters. One of them is going to *really* want to go with Jason and Diane on their adventures and, well, she can't. She'll interfere, she'll weigh down the storyline, and she'll just generally make me miserable.

Ironically enough, she's already causing me problems. Her name (nickname, actually) is Callie, and she's the team mechanic. *facepalm* No wonder she's annoying me right now.

Been fighting off a cold and general ickiness all week. It's not a surprise -- between life and having my brain tied up in this book, I'm not sleeping well or sufficiently. I'm *really* trying to do better, but it's probably going to be touch and go until the end of the month.

Allergy issues aren't helping, but I invested in some Tylenol Day/Night formula for Robin (who's also been suffering), and it appears to be really wonderful stuff. Haven't tried the nighttime stuff yet; it knocked Robin on her ass last weekend, so I've been kind of leery.

Of course she *does* have her father's nonexistant tolerance for those kind of medications...but on the other hand, I haven't been suffering all that much.

Things around the apartment have been surprisingly calm. We're entering another week of Dad charting reasonable/normal bloodsugar readings, so for the first time in nearly a year I'm not dreading his labs next week. Everything else has gotten more manageable as well -- he's listening to Mom and I more, and actually *asking* for help instead of trying to pretend he can still do things. I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and just handle helping him get dressed while we're away Thanksgiving week, but I definitely want to ease Mom back into that position as quickly as possible.

Not surprisingly (to me, at any rate), Mom is doing *much* better. She's still going in for surgery on the 27th (and needs to), but she hasn't suffered any adverse effects from cutting back the valium dosage. In fact, she's had a lot more energy -- last weekend was the first in far too long that she didn't spend most of it in bed. She's also been offered the possibility of more temp work in December at the Clerk's office, and is considering the possibility that she could be able to do it with a walker. If her doctor agrees -- I think it would be *great* for her self-esteem and recovery.

Gods -- I think what this is all boiling down to is that things are all right. Maybe even...good, with the possibility of better in the future.

Shower. Shower, then back to work! *brandishes pen*
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Zokutou's back!!!!!

"Convicted in Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,813 / 100,000
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Luckily for me, Jason and Diane are a little more disciplined and have a better idea of where they're going, what they're doing and why. Currently, 2/3 of the way through chapter four, Diane has secured them a line of credit with the Guild of Free Traders, and Jason has charmed his way into the local whorehouse.

The upside of this is that as my pace cranks up to what I need it to be, the words I'm spewing aren't the absolute suckage I achieved last year.

The downside is that I'm going slower than I need to if I'm going to secure the [ profile] nanonov prize. Which, this year, is a critique by [ profile] rachelcaine of the 50,000 words you write.

Which is something I and my self-confidence could desperately use at this point. The limited feedback I've gotten from Rachel in the past (on a chapter of Conscience) ended up strengthening the manuscript 100%, and completely turned around reader perception of Jason (Coleman, not Starblaze).

It'd be a nice thing to have prior to setting this particular puppy loose into the world.

"Convicted in Absentia" NaNo Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,449 / 50,000

Total Written to Date:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,564 / 100,000
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That's not perkiness -- that's the briskness resulting from having just been out to drive Robin to the bus stop in my nightshirt when it's in the low 50's!

(yes, I know -- a good chunk of my f-list thinks 50 degrees is still shorts weather. Lifetime Floridian here. Shut up.)

Wow. Welcome to Fall, or whatever passes for it down here, I guess.

Yesterday was, um, fast to say the least. Lots of phone calls, lots of discussion, lots of mental gymnastics, trying to figure out what I'm going to need and who I'm going to need help from to make it through the weekend. Headless Ladies stock has been located and needs to be inventoried, and I need to make sure I have promotional materials for all three supply companies plus the over-arching name I'm selling under.

Confession? I enjoyed the frak out of it. Felt strong, focused, and oh-so-good to be doing this and doing it well (I assume).

In the midst of all of that, I was able to help Robin get a batch of fudge made for Choi's dessert-contest (part of belt presentation -- she placed third overall). She didn't care if I stayed at belt presentation (she didn't test, so she wasn't getting anything), so I ran to Starbucks for an hour or so to squeeze in some writing.

Good stuff too -- wrote for a decent clip, and I'm happy with what I wrote. J/D are acting completely in canon with almost no prodding from me. They're definitely driver's seat characters. Anything I do outside of the gentlest nudges isn't going to be half as good as letting them do what they want.

"Convicted in Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,332 / 100,000

Felt like it was going to turn out to be more, but considering it was concentrated in a single block of time instead of spread out over the course of the day, I'm not going to complain at all.

Today is the first of two days trekking Mom to Tampa for tests relating to her Menear's disease. With any kind of luck, after Wednesday she'll be able to go off the valium for good.

Maybe then she'll start to perk up at least a little bit.

Dad's coming with us -- he'll hang out with me in the waiting room, and maybe we'll take a drive around Tampa if the MRI starts taking too long. We're learning from past bad choices, you see. :)

And...before I forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] crevette!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously people...if you haven't checked this woman's LJ out, you are missing something a-mazing!
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"Convicted in Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,102 / 100,000

That's nearly 1500 words today. Not the massive dreamy word count I hope to eventually see, but quite respectable on what turned out to be a very social day.

The mood did take an upturn around lunch time, but Robin and I still decided to slide out and see the "Nightmare Before Christmas" rerelease. Robin has *never* seen the movie (due to longstanding childhood scaredy-catedness), and I'm not sure I *ever* saw the whole thing all the way through, much *less* on the big screen.

It was incredible -- and Robin was beautifully up and happy as a result of seeing the film. She started to bemoan the fact that she hadn't had the guts to see it earlier, but finally decided that she appreciated it more seeing it for the first time like this.

Afterwards we went hunting for a new local anime' store that's opened up near her high school.

Day-um. Little tiny storefront, but dude has done his research. The things on his shelves are what the teens are buying, and he's stocking titles that all the teens are *talking* about, but very few people were carrying at the different shows I was at this summer.

I literally begged him to at least stay in business through the holidays. He's likely to save me a fortune in shipping costs.

The irony comes in that Robin and I talked *again* about Necronomicon. I suggested that instead of spending the money to go to Necro, she might just want to plan on blowing the cash she would have spent in the Dealer's Room at this guy's shop. She'd probably end up being *more* satisfied, and we'd save expense money in the long run.

She agreed. Happily.

Then we got home -- and there was an e-mail waiting for me regarding the Dealer's Room at Necronomicon. After being told in no uncertain terms that No Way was I getting a Dealer's Table...suddenly?

There's one available, and would I like it?

Oooookay. Well -- I've been racking my brains trying to figure out creative ways to bring in more money over the holidays. Guess this was the answer to at least part of my prayer. :)

But...I'm vending at a con in a week! Ack!
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As well as plugged back in. Chapter One of "Convicted" is finished -- and the narrative wave appears to be flowing smoothly with little anticipated author-chop in the immediate future.

The word count isn't really indicative of the work done to this point -- I think I've scrapped and rewritten the same 5600 words at *least* three times in the last couple of weeks. Hard to figure out a good starting point and get reaccustomed to letting this particular duo dominate my brain.

But, all progress from here on out should be considered representative of the work being done.

"Convicted In Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,690 / 100,000

Gonna need an icon at some point.