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Well, I have a golfball sized lump on my throat as a result of last night's kitty misadventures, and a slight scratchiness to my voice.

No pain swallowing, though, or talking, so I'm figuring that we're just dealing with bruising, and probably not too much at that.

So yes -- all may feel free to continue to mock my goofiness. :)
Robin had a lousy dentist appointment this morning. They are continuing to mess with her rubber bands, and it's frustrating the heck out of her. She came out crying again.

She recovered though -- knocked a fat A plus on her Chinese culture test, and conceived of an "extra credit report" in math.

She is nursing a fond dream for once she is free of the braces involving massive amounts of "teeth-rotting foods".

She figures that between her own cash and fair contributions from her father (who according to *her* backs her entirely in this venture), she can put together a reasonable budget of $30.00.

Her goal is to put together a supply list of the maximum amount of tooth-rotting foods within that budget.

I had to go to the grocery store at lunch time. Robin went with me, and while I was picking stuff up she took a sheet of paper into the candy aisle and started recording data.

I figure it's a good exercise in calculating unit prices.

Plus she's having fun. *g*
Hell is a twelve year old niece who IM's only in netspeak.



It is.

*rolls eyes* Oh God -- she apparently got a cell phone for her birthday.

I'll tell you right now it wasn't for any sort of security measure.

(this is the oldest daughter of the useless brother, in case anyone is wondering).
Random Smile-Inducing Snapshots from the Weekend:

-- It's an abomination! In Leviticus. Look it up. After shrimp.

-- Fabulous -- but totally not in a "gay" way.

-- Much craziness.

-- Okay now you've got to take that streak and roll a one.

-- What are you doing getting ducks at work?

-- The "no-poking" zone.

-- Questing for the perfect Ganesh.

-- Handing your soul over to On-Star in exchange for a gas station that doesn't close.

-- Hot nerdy guys. Hot "built" guys. Hot animated characters.

-- [ profile] llamachameleon is to that book as [ profile] telaryn is to Ewan McGregor.

-- The perfect cupcake molds for the "Troy" theater-going experience.

-- Realizing that while I was saying good-bye to [ profile] llamachameleon at the airport, a skycap was *totally* checking us out.

-- Did you invite him?

-- Covers and random musical experiences.

-- Rewarding interfering behavior with beer.

-- God, aren't you bored yet? *g*
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Been so hard to put coherent entries together! It was only through sheer force of will (and a need to do *something* until I finished my glass of anti-hangover water) that I managed to put together a birthday greeting at all (see last post).

*looks back* That was a full fucking weekend. On Saturday, [ profile] laughingimp and I hung out, talked, hit the used music store, saw a movie, *watched* a movie, and went out karoaking (sp?). I managed to get up the nerve to do three songs -- "Jose' Cuervo", "Self Control", and "Bitch". I think I did the best on "Bitch", even though part of me maintains after four Mike's Hard Lime's, it was because I pretty much didn't care anymore. Even so, I totally blew one of the middle verses. Couldn't remember the melody thread at all, and was so impaired I couldn't read the lines in time to even fake it marginally well.

We recovered though.

[ profile] laughingimp was fantastic, even though he pretty much shot his voice on the first song. He's got an *amazing* singing voice, and clearly enjoys singing so much that I loved watching him.

Yesterday, Imp, Llama and I went to see "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind". Oh. My. Goddess. I've read multiple entries from both of them on how great this show is, and heard them talking about it to the point where you'd think there was no way it could live up to their build-up.

You'd be wrong.

This is a troupe of actors who label themselves "neo-futurists". TMLMTBGB is thirty plays in sixty minutes -- some funny, some deadly serious -- all thought-provoking. The order in which the play is performed is determined by the audience -- when the previous play ends (by someone shouting "Curtain!"), the audience calls out the number of the next play they want to see.

No, we don't compare notes before hand. Everyone randomly shouts out a number, and the first one that one of the performers can distinguish is the one they grab for.

I'm totally not explaining this well. It really is one of those "have to see to believe" kind of experiences.

I even got pulled up on stage to act in the play "So You Want To Be An Audience Member", where I was subjected to a job interview to be an audience member for the show. I threw myself into the experience, even though it was hellishly difficult not to dissolve into a fit of hysterical giggles.

I even got a package of chocolate chip cookies! Cookies, laughter and personal humiliation -- how great a theater-going experience could one hope for?

Afterward we went to bondage Mongolian barbeque. *g* No, I'm not kidding. Okay, not much. :) The restaurant was BD's Mongolian Barbeque, and their url is

*You* tell me how you read that!

Then on the way home, we talked ourselves tired.

Today is a slow day. Imp's at work, Llama is somewhat under the weather, and I'm enjoying the fact that it's 12:30 central time, and I'm in my nightshirt, screwing around on LJ. Home tomorrow, and everything shifts back to normal.


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