1/5/04 22:49
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Realized I forgot to record for posterity the fact that I got my longhaired cat to pick up something she knocked over and put it back where it belonged.

Okay, so I grabbed her front paws, used the leverage to squeeze the toy, walked her over to the table and placed it back where it was.

The cats *and* my child think I've lost it.

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Well, I have a golfball sized lump on my throat as a result of last night's kitty misadventures, and a slight scratchiness to my voice.

No pain swallowing, though, or talking, so I'm figuring that we're just dealing with bruising, and probably not too much at that.

So yes -- all may feel free to continue to mock my goofiness. :)
Robin had a lousy dentist appointment this morning. They are continuing to mess with her rubber bands, and it's frustrating the heck out of her. She came out crying again.

She recovered though -- knocked a fat A plus on her Chinese culture test, and conceived of an "extra credit report" in math.

She is nursing a fond dream for once she is free of the braces involving massive amounts of "teeth-rotting foods".

She figures that between her own cash and fair contributions from her father (who according to *her* backs her entirely in this venture), she can put together a reasonable budget of $30.00.

Her goal is to put together a supply list of the maximum amount of tooth-rotting foods within that budget.

I had to go to the grocery store at lunch time. Robin went with me, and while I was picking stuff up she took a sheet of paper into the candy aisle and started recording data.

I figure it's a good exercise in calculating unit prices.

Plus she's having fun. *g*
Hell is a twelve year old niece who IM's only in netspeak.



It is.

*rolls eyes* Oh God -- she apparently got a cell phone for her birthday.

I'll tell you right now it wasn't for any sort of security measure.

(this is the oldest daughter of the useless brother, in case anyone is wondering).
Random Smile-Inducing Snapshots from the Weekend:

-- It's an abomination! In Leviticus. Look it up. After shrimp.

-- Fabulous -- but totally not in a "gay" way.

-- Much craziness.

-- Okay now you've got to take that streak and roll a one.

-- What are you doing getting ducks at work?

-- The "no-poking" zone.

-- Questing for the perfect Ganesh.

-- Handing your soul over to On-Star in exchange for a gas station that doesn't close.

-- Hot nerdy guys. Hot "built" guys. Hot animated characters.

-- [livejournal.com profile] llamachameleon is to that book as [livejournal.com profile] telaryn is to Ewan McGregor.

-- The perfect cupcake molds for the "Troy" theater-going experience.

-- Realizing that while I was saying good-bye to [livejournal.com profile] llamachameleon at the airport, a skycap was *totally* checking us out.

-- Did you invite him?

-- Covers and random musical experiences.

-- Rewarding interfering behavior with beer.

-- God, aren't you bored yet? *g*
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Ever been punched in the throat?

How about by a twenty pound short haired cat?

Spine first?

At close range?

I'm not even sure I can accurately recreate how it happened, but the suckiest part is that a large part of the blame falls squarely on my shoulders. I decided I was going to mess with PNKoD (Psycho Ninja Kitty O'Doom, tm [livejournal.com profile] crevette) to get her to vacate the spot on my bed where I wanted to stretch out.

So I started to pounce on her.

Instead of leaping forward to freedom, the momentarily freaked out feline leaped up.

Straight into my throat.

As I'm desperately trying to rediscover how to breath, she decides that I'm not injured *enough*, and sinks her back claws into my wrist and forearm to get a good jumping off point.

*Then*, she leaps forward to freedom.



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