21/3/09 10:34
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Jacob on TWoP is giving the finale an "F".

Now I *know* it sucked.
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Battlestar Galactica. I didn't want to love this show when I first saw the miniseries. I, like many of my fannish contemporaries, was hugely in love with the original. I'd never seen anything like it at the time - it fired my imagination like no other television show ever had.

Plus - Starbuck. *happy sigh*

Then came the mini. It was kind of my show, but ultimately not. It was dark, and they were trying to ground it in reality - who wanted that? I wanted chrome and lame' and "by your command"!

And I didn't want Starbuck to be a woman.

They won me over eventually. All you have to do to see the proof of that is click on my bsg tag - thousands upon thousands of words compiling more squee and meta than I think any other subject addressed on this LJ. In fact, it's probably still my largest tag aside from Robin and my father.

I also think it's kind of appropriate that my icon is the two gender switched characters - the two women that ended up being my favorite characters in the entire run of the show.

To say BSG v2.0 went off the rails in the last couple years is putting it mildly. Its strength was that it *was* grounded in reality. It looked unflinchingly at the details of surviving a holocaust and trying to rebuild an entire society. The men and women we came to know were the full spectrum of the human condition - and their struggles more often than not mirrored our own.

It wasn't "traditional" science fiction on so many levels - but more than that it wasn't "traditional" television. In its heyday, BSG's triumph was the fact that it rarely (if ever) insulted the intelligence of its audience. Kind of sadly appropriate that as the show goes off the air a shadow of its former self, the channel that brought it to us is embracing offensively retro sensibilities regarding its target demographic.

So...the last two hours of the former "best show on television".Spoilers ahoy...assuming anybody out there still cares. )

Rest in peace, Galactica. At least until RDM gets a chance to tell the story he clearly has wanted to tell for years - "The Plan". Somebody needs to tell him that Stephenie Meyers (Twilight) went there first.


21/3/09 00:23
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Non spoilery reaction? (Because it's late, and Robin and I watched Dollhouse immediately after BSG.)

I didn't hate it. It didn't rock my world in even the slightest way, but it could have been So. Much. Worse.
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Somewhere, someone's written that Leoben/Adama crack!fic, right? This is the internet, after all.
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Would you believe I’ve had this screen up for two days trying to get this all down?

My BSG meta. Last week's episode. )

Depending on what tonight brings, last week pretty much guaranteed they have me until the finale.

Doesn’t mean I’m necessarily going to be happy about it.
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As I said over on Facebook: “Lisa has Elton John stuck in her head. She’s blaming Bob Dylan.”

BSG. Well it was a “game changer” all right…I tend to think my reaction wasn’t the one they were looking for, though.

Spoilers ahoy! )

On the up-side, Tricia Helfer is going to be at Megacon, so I can mark off another big name to autograph my shirt.
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Watched last night's episode this morning, which sparked a revelation in the shower this morning.

4.5 is our fandom's equivalent of the "extra" year of Babylon 5. Seriously - the more I think about it, the more I realize that lame as 4.0 turned out to be, the season break cliffhanger was a series end worthy of this show.

Don't get me wrong - I am pretty much loving the action packed cracktastic episodes we're doing now...but they're still leaving me with that "oh shit - we've got to pull ten more stories out of our ass" feeling.

Let's cut to the spoilery reactions, shall we? )

Yes, I know a lot happened that I didn't dissect - this was the stuff that made the biggest impression on me.

BSG Meta

1/2/09 14:51
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Disclaimer: I saw last Friday’s episode only a handful of hours before I saw the current one. Some blending and blurring of timelines may occur.

Most shallow response in the history of the world? I enjoyed it. Characterization and consistency issues aside, it’s been too damn long since this show has seen people running around blowing up shit.

Looking at things a little deeper – I guess the big question of last week and this week can all be boiled down to: what the frak is up with Felix Gaeta?

Read more... )


17/1/09 09:25
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If there are thoughts, it must be a good episode.

Read more... )

Thoughts. Yeah. This was a good episode.
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Wow...been forever and a day since I could say that!

With just about forty eight hours left, I'm finished watching the webisodes. )

Medicine's kicking in. Time to quit.
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Between Edward James Olmos and Katie Sackhoff, I now potentially have the most awesome piece of BSG silliness ever! The only autographs my shirt will be missing of any significance are Tigh, Six, Athena and Anders.

It's good to be a member of the Colonial Fleet. :)
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Until about twenty minutes ago, I was two full episodes behind on this season of BSG. Yesterday at lunch with [livejournal.com profile] tinne and [livejournal.com profile] crevette, we were kind of obliquely discussing the identity of the twelfth Cylon and Okay, cutting here for potential spoilers... )

Haven't watched "Sine Qua Non" yet, so it's possible I could already be talking out of my ass on this one. I just thought the theory had potential...it's the one way I think they could go where I'd have to applaud their thinking/plotting.
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Cut to spare the supremely uninterested and totally unspoiled… )

In non-specific fannish news, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] oldschoolfic. Go, check it out – sign up yourself! I seem to be writing more fic lately as an antidote to all the life stuff I’m balancing, but it’s still a rare enough occurrence that I felt I should promote. *cringe*
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So Jacob's recap of Maelstrom went up on TWoP yesterday. Without getting into spoilers for the episode, all I really have to say can be best summed up with, "OMG, shut up you pretentious overblown hack!" I can't believe he gets *paid* to produce such vast quantities of pointless verbal splooge.

I really used to like Jacob's recaps. He had interesting takes on the characters and the plotlines. Somewhere around the point D'Anna Biers swallowed the plotline though, I think he just flat-out lost his mind. First it was the preaching that if we weren't as desperately in love with the Three/Gaius plotline as he was, we were racists (*buh?*). Then it was the prose that got progressively more obscure and overwritten until it literally took me over an *hour* to get through the Maelstrom recap.

I'm not stupid -- I can wax pompous with the best of them even -- but when I'm having to read paragraphs five and six times and I'm *still* not sure what he's trying to say, it's time to back the fuck away from your metaphors and come out of your ivory tower.

And yet more spoiler-laden thoughts on the episode... )
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So much more to say, but I'm leaving my musings on contextual Kara for subsequent posts. This is the big one, the more esoteric philosophical bullshit.

Paint sex makes even the most frakked up relationship exponentially hotter! )

(oh, and unlocked -- as subsequent posts on the epi will be).
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But a respectable word count nonetheless.

"Convicted in Absentia":

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
46,015 / 100,000

Should reach the NaNo mark this morning. Starbucks was very busy and very noisy last night, but there's something about music piped through headphones that can typically help me focus in and block everything else out.


Of course for a change, it wasn't the writing that kept me up late last night. I know I've been kind of quiet on the BSG commentary front, but it hasn't been for lack of watching.

Last night's episode seems to have resonated differently with a lot of the usual suspects. Me? I'm stupidly giggly over the fact that Sci-Fi slapped a "Mature Subject Matter" warning on the show! When a show that's dealt with everything this one has picks *this* episode to slap a warning on...that's amusing.

Here be spoilers! )

Based on the promos for next week, I'm probably going to hate the episode. *sigh*


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