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...because I usually suck at remembering them.

This one however? I don't forget.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] crevette!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know how the new decade looks, mmmkay? I less-than-3 you lots and lots and lots!
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Okay, if you know the Alpha Bitch Club, you already know that our weekly get-togethers can range into some pretty interesting and diverse areas discussion-wise.

Quote of the evening for tonight? [ profile] harmonyfb: "Well, if you're looking for good Nazi-zombie movies..."
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That's not perkiness -- that's the briskness resulting from having just been out to drive Robin to the bus stop in my nightshirt when it's in the low 50's!

(yes, I know -- a good chunk of my f-list thinks 50 degrees is still shorts weather. Lifetime Floridian here. Shut up.)

Wow. Welcome to Fall, or whatever passes for it down here, I guess.

Yesterday was, um, fast to say the least. Lots of phone calls, lots of discussion, lots of mental gymnastics, trying to figure out what I'm going to need and who I'm going to need help from to make it through the weekend. Headless Ladies stock has been located and needs to be inventoried, and I need to make sure I have promotional materials for all three supply companies plus the over-arching name I'm selling under.

Confession? I enjoyed the frak out of it. Felt strong, focused, and oh-so-good to be doing this and doing it well (I assume).

In the midst of all of that, I was able to help Robin get a batch of fudge made for Choi's dessert-contest (part of belt presentation -- she placed third overall). She didn't care if I stayed at belt presentation (she didn't test, so she wasn't getting anything), so I ran to Starbucks for an hour or so to squeeze in some writing.

Good stuff too -- wrote for a decent clip, and I'm happy with what I wrote. J/D are acting completely in canon with almost no prodding from me. They're definitely driver's seat characters. Anything I do outside of the gentlest nudges isn't going to be half as good as letting them do what they want.

"Convicted in Absentia"

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,332 / 100,000

Felt like it was going to turn out to be more, but considering it was concentrated in a single block of time instead of spread out over the course of the day, I'm not going to complain at all.

Today is the first of two days trekking Mom to Tampa for tests relating to her Menear's disease. With any kind of luck, after Wednesday she'll be able to go off the valium for good.

Maybe then she'll start to perk up at least a little bit.

Dad's coming with us -- he'll hang out with me in the waiting room, and maybe we'll take a drive around Tampa if the MRI starts taking too long. We're learning from past bad choices, you see. :)

And...before I forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] crevette!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously people...if you haven't checked this woman's LJ out, you are missing something a-mazing!
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After a very stressed and nervous day (nothing in particular...just free-floating angst of unspecified origin plaguing me ALL FRAKKING DAY), there is nothing like kicking back at Border's with caffeine and Alphas.

*snicker* Those of you who know us in real life probably would not have been at all surprised at the wide buffer of empty tables that surrounded us by the end of the night.

Not sure which part I loved more -- [ profile] crevette trying to dig [ profile] columella's heart out with a spoon while [ profile] columella tortured her with a rousing rendition of "You Light Up My Life", [ profile] harmonyfb employing a topical poison (aka, BPAL) on [ profile] peacockharpy (accidentally, she *claims*), or the various discussions of rabid female genitalia, insane children, and the various sorts of wank currently pervading the different fandoms we each follow.

No political discussion tonight, I just realized. Unusual for us -- maybe that was the difference?

At any rate, all is right with the world again. Still too caffeinated to sleep, so I'm likely to be very groggy in the morning.

But right now, this little energizer bunny is smiling.
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Never EVER drink acidic liquids on ABC Night.


Snarbing lemonade can be fatal, kids.
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Godzilla vomit smells like coffee.

*holds up five fingers*
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No -- really!

[ profile] tinne bought all the ABC's shares in a llama through Heifer International!

Together we "own" one entire llama!

I'm going to be giggling about this for days...

We so need an "ABC-Llama" icon.
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He sucks on gays...

And suddenly all is well in Telaryn's world again.

*snugs ABCs* Best. Friends. EVAH!
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So tonight was the last Survivor related get together of the friends I've been meeting with every week during the run of Survivor: Marquesas. Yeah, yeah, I know the finale was Sunday...the universe didn't want us all to be able to get together Sunday, so we watched it tonight.

Didn't matter that three of us knew who won, and two of us had watched tapes of the broadcast -- the crucial missing factor that had to be experienced was the snark.

Snark is crucial for proper Survivor viewing.

Anyhoo...since we were watching a tape instead of a network broadcast, we spent a little extra time hanging out and gossiping. Irene and Darice went to the computer to check something, and I hear Darice talking to Irene about setting up her own lj.

Yes, that *is* the "It's a Small World" song you hear in the background.

I cannot believe that I started this figuring it would just be a small thing, someplace for me to vent and record my feelings, and instead I'm finding a whole new way to relate to my friends!