12/1/09 20:29
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Hey there, 24 - how *you* doin'? *leers* Nice to see you back on form!

(and dayum, Bill B! That scruff looks *fine*!)

I never said I wasn't easily manipulated by my fannish obsessions, and *yes* I know I'm probably going to be regretting this in no time, but...but...


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In a weird way, I feel like I cheated on my literary primary last night. I've reached the point with the "Dead Gods" series that I just need to back away for a bit and concentrate solely on firing off queries for So-Mo. Otherwise I'm going to irrevocably fuck something up.

So at Choi last night, I figuratively snuck off into another directory of my computer to visit with The Penguin. And it was fun. Light, interesting, angstful, with no sense of urgency or commitment or overwhelming responsibility.

(For those of you who are scratching your heads, or getting ready to type wtf? -- The Penguin is the nickname that the Surfers hung on my 270,000 word "first novel". It is my 'magnum opus', or 'big penguin'.)

Not to mention my head's been getting a little screwed up in exactly the way Diane and Jason are good to fix. The idea of a couple of drabbles with the two of them makes me smile in a way I miss smiling when it comes to my writing.

Plus, if I can just have this one tiny affair, maybe I won't be rolling my eyes every time I have to put the mages through their paces. "Conscience" is getting ready to make the leap from "good" to "marketable", and I want to do right by it in the way I did by So-Mo.

Heh. Rationalize much?

It's kind of funny that I'm polyamorous in my physical relationships, but almost obsessively monogamous in my literary relationships.

In more mundane news, I completely step one of the high school application process. Robin's student ID number is on its way to being reactivated, and the County officially recognizes her as an eighth grader. I actually had to stop and ponder the momentousness of that...it's official recognition of the goal we've been working towards since I yanked her from St. Paul's.

Probably not all that huge compared with the hurdles we have to leap now -- but immensely satisfying all the same.

In fannish news, I watched the reairing of last week's BSG, and I think I figured out the major flaws in the ep. Here be potential spoilery talk. )

And then of course -- last night's 24 )

Now...off to try and be responsible and gain some focus.
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It's kind of stunning to look around this place and realize that ten days ago, when I put Robin on the plane to Kentucky, we were still fully decorated for Christmas.

Going to be interesting to see her reaction to the changes tomorrow. I'm almost to the point where I feel comfortable posting pictures -- and given what I've got to work with, I have to say that the place is starting to look pretty damn good. :)

(24 tonight! Squeee!!!!)

*ahem* 'Scuse me. *g*

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to a regular scholastic schedule. I've definitely pushed myself to the point where I need an excuse to stop unpacking so obsessively. Yes it's productive, but working myself to the point where my muscles are consistently in a state of near collapse can't be a good thing.

Although emotionally it's been *very* satisfying -- and surprisingly, not in a masochistic way.

(Jack Bauer! Squeee!!!!!)

It's like an attack of Kiefer-Tourettes. I'm so sorry.

What was I saying? Oh yes -- house, OCD...I think that train of thought has reached the station.

I'm desperately hoping that I've burned myself out on Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce latte's...the wallet cannot handle this level of craving for too much longer.

But it's sooooo good!

In non-24 fannish news, I *finally* was able to sit my but down for a first-run showing of BSG this past Friday.

I think I can honestly say I've made my peace with this show. I've pretty much kept up with everything that's gone on this past couple of seasons, even if I stopped watching regularly 2/3 of the way through season one.

Grace Park? *Still* my favorite. Cannot explain it, and I really don't think it's all hormones. She had a scene with Adama this week that just blew me away.

And once I catch up on past episodes, I'll be interested to see if my current impression of Starbuck holds true. I liked her in her current posting the most I think I've *ever* liked her...and I think her comments about Admiral Cain were dead-on accurate.

(JackTonyMichelletension!!!! Squee!!!!)

Again, sorry. Can't help it. *g*

I was mulling it over today, and I think there's got to be something to the fact that the best shows out there are working this 13-week half-season thing. It's staggering to think that BSG is in its third season, and it feels like it's just getting to the meat of how good it's capable of being.

But with thirteen episodes instead of 22, it seems like there's less risk of actors, writers and directors getting completely fried. I would imagine it's also easier to plot out a thirteen-ep season-long arc than it is a 22-ep one.

Or...dare I say it...A 24 EPISODE ONE!!!!

Seriously though -- 24, much as I adore it, does not suffer from tight, well-plotted arcs for its seasons.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not going to have my butt glued in front of the television in a little less than an hour and a half. ;)
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::sigh:: Better day so far. A little frustrating trying to coordinate Dad's doctor's appointment with my regular lunch meeting, but hopefully Mom and Dad understand now that I'm okay cancelling or postponing for something like a doctor's appointment that happens once every SIX MONTHS. Yikes.

Got the HL books caught up to date. Damn we're bringing in respectable money for a part-time business venture. Nothing anywhere near where we can take off and do it full time, but it's taking noticeable pressure off.

On the unhappy (okay, whiny petulant child) side of things, this appears to be my week for getting the shit kicked out of my ego. I hadn't realized just how comfortably arrogant I'd gotten about some things...won't make *that* mistake again any time soon.

Between the two major butt-kickings, I think I'm *most* embarrassed about letting myself get affected empathically by someone else's stress levels...that's a mistake I haven't made in so long I can't even remember the last time it happened. Nothing like realizing the headache you're nursing isn't even yours to make you feel like a seriously inept moron.

Ah well -- live, learn, and think twice (or even thrice) before offering opinions.

Buffy and 24 finales tonight! I'm psyched, and I know Robin's going to be thrilled -- no more incognito Mom on Tuesday nights.


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