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These are courtesy of [ profile] scout_lover!

1) What, exactly, is your job? I know it's something construction-y, but other than that I'm vague.

My title is Project Coordinator, and at its most basic I'm the administrative assistant for a project team. Owing to years working for my father and the fact that I have a skill set that greatly exceeds the average project coordinator (plus my general attitude), I'm usually assigned to high budget, high profile (usually government) jobs which means I work on site instead of in our corporate office.

In addition to standard clerical responsibilities, I administer direct purchase orders, photo-document the job's progress, oversee field updates of the project as-builts, conduct substantial completion inspections, and assist with shop drawing review.

2) How did you get into said field?

My father was a prominent architect in the area ( I managed his office for roughly ten years before he got sick and learned everything he could reasonably teach me. When his illness progressed to the point where we couldn't have him at home anymore I had a list of professional colleagues that he also counted as friends that I intended to hit up for a job.

The first person on my list hired me - the man quoted in the article linked above. And as of Saturday I will have worked for him for six years.

3) What was your first fandom?

Battlestar Galactic v1.0.

4) Does your fanficcing pre-date the web? (since you and I are of comparable ages, lol)

I wrote my first fanfic when I was eight years old, so I'm going to say yes. *g* (L. Frank Baum's Oz stories).

5) Do you like to cook?

No. I *can* cook, I can even cook *well*. I don't enjoy it at all.
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