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I'm not going to repost the first part of the meme - if you want to play, that's here. I did, however, go seeking additional questions, so here are some of my answers!

From [ profile] ishilde:

1) What's your favourite historical/prehistorical time period?

Late 12th Century/Early 13th Century - right around the time of the most popular of the Robin Hood myths.

2) If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be?

I am likely always going to be a cat person.

3) Which new series did you enjoy the most this year?

Arrow. No question.

4) What's your biggest achievement? (I think I can guess the answer to this :D)

If you guessed [ profile] hickumu, you are absolutely right!

5) What's your guiltiest pleasure? ^^

Gonna surprise you here - I've reached the point in my life where if it brings me pleasure, I refuse to feel guilty about it!

From [ profile] brinchen86:

1. I know you like to write fanfics. What is it that you love the most about it?

As a child (wrote my first fanfic when I was eight), they were a way of keeping myself in the action of a story that I loved. Nowadays they're a means of stretching my creative muscles, playing with interesting characters, and never having to be disappointed that a story which is so obvious to me never gets told.

2. People always ask each other where they would like to live if they could choose. But how about: tell me something you love about your home town/city!

I think what I like best is the fact that I've lived in this area my entire life and have some really interesting stories to tell.

3. You're part of quite a few LJ communities: which one is your all time favourite, and why?

[ profile] leveragexchange, because with very few exceptions everybody seems to have a great time, and instead of getting assigned something to write/create, I get a wealth of prompts to choose from!

4. Do you believe that you can be closer to an online friend than to RL people?

Absolutely! I think while it's easier to be dishonest online, I think for the right people it's also easier to be honest.

5. Share one of your Leverage head canons with me!

Oh God - you asked. *facepalm* Okay, go here and scroll down to the Q & A section. Question #3 from @Lydia ([ profile] trappercreekd) - look at John Rogers' answer.

Now go here and see proof that I never do anything half-way.

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30/5/13 22:53 (UTC)
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I love your answer to #5 so much in regards to guilty pleasure.

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31/5/13 15:36 (UTC)
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I did guess right *g* And I LOVE that you like the medieval period! It's severely underrated ^^

Also, your answer to question #5 is absolutely wonderful.


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